Elected inflation promoters — Effortlessly, local governments raise your taxes


Instead of inhaling a government’s lies and grandiose promises, it would be nice if our young adults learned how government blurs decency, cheapens human life, surrenders to special interests, and lends itself to societal decline.

No doubt, selfish people do run for elected office hoping to reap financial gain from holding the office. We have certainly seen that locally. Likewise, responsible citizens also run for elected office. The problem for them is remaining responsible while in office.

Power is the crack cocaine of government. Most elected officials have never experienced holding such control before. Once elevated as an elected leader, the power to spend other people’s money, build public monuments for yourself, and radically change the community on a whim is almost overwhelming.

Raising taxes takes less effort.

Since 2014, the mayor and council in Peachtree City have raised your taxes with the greatest of ease (with the exception being when a particular councilman is up for re-election).

Why go to the trouble of taking a deep dive into the government budget, eliminating nonessential processes and duplication, asking department directors to find waste, reorganize systems, terminating low-performing employees, and laser focus on citizen expectations when you can just raise the taxes with a vote at the local government meeting?

If there was ever a year when our city councils, county board of commissioners, and board of education could easily, obviously, and justifiably vote to “rollback” the millage rate to offset a significant property tax increase, it is this year.

For all the political campaign rhetoric on operating within the budget and listening to the citizen taxpayers, our elected leaders are opting for a significant tax increase at a time of high inflation and economic uncertainty.

As local residents complain about the price of gas and other essential needs, the local governments put their fingers in their ears and vote for another considerable tax increase. Is there a cure for political deafness?

At a time when grandparents cannot afford the airfare nor the gasoline to see the grandkids and consumers are cutting back on spending, the local governments stomp on the taxation accelerator pedal.

Even more maddening is the elitist and aristocratic attitude of many elected officials, saying the tax increases do not amount to much, totally ignoring our widows, single moms, and families trying to make ends meet.

So, if residents are complaining about not being able to afford groceries, the elected officials should be paying attention. Similarly, voters should also be paying attention to how the government responds.

What does the future hold?

Despite the constant failures of Marxism across the globe, many young adults locally are moving in a socialist direction, some being products of Fayette County schools. I cannot blame them for being genuinely disappointed with the performance of elected officials, but I disagree with their response.

Young socialists are organizing intending to upend our society by taking even more money from our families and forcing us to yield to more government control. They believe rights are negotiable, not unalienable.

Locally, the violent Black Hammer organization and We Push Progress make their intentions quite clear. They want to capsize our way of life in Fayette County and other south metro counties.

Before you laugh off these far-left groups, know they are learning tactics from highly organized, well-funded organizations at the national level.

Their rhetoric is not hardline socialism, but rather fluffy, vague language that would not lead anyone to believe they want to slip their candidates into the local governments and produce disastrous results.

Nick Ferrante who recently ran for mayor in Peachtree City used the “bubble is magic” campaign with lots of flowery language and utopian themes. As it turns out, Ferrante is a key player in We Push Progress, wanting to “empower progressives” and aiding far-left candidates with volunteers and campaign contributions.

Black Hammer promoted a heart-warming program to aid the homeless while building a means for violence in the background.

We Push Progress is fronting the public with a political outreach program on Labor Day appearing as a city family fun day at the park. The funds they solicit for the event go into their political action committee’s bank account. The event puts a happy, friendly face on their organization.

Imagine the irony of the far-left We Push Progress political action committee wanting to use the church parking lots on Willowbend Road for their event parking. The unapologetically leftist Bernie Sanders/AOC loving group supporting abortion, open borders, drag queen story time, indoctrinating our school children with collective guilt and racial superiority theory, and viewing Christianity as a threat to the socialist cause wants to utilize church property.

What can we do?

Remember Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Pray for them. Refuse to hate.

Hold your elected officials accountable. Remind yourself and the government officials that government works for the people, not the other way around.

Teach your children the value of the U.S. Constitution and protecting our rights. Determine where your principles are rooted and pass them on to your children. Do not depend upon the public schools to teach these lessons to your children.

Nothing changes unless you act to make it so.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.]


  1. Fear, lies, and innuendos are all the far-right seems to offer up these days. Social media is loaded with it and is the reason why many are leaving this new GOP playbook and mindset behind for saner political voting pastures. Steve, Marxist-Socialists in the park (?). Gee, haven’t heard that suggestion since the “Bircher” days. Ah, but this is new-day right wing party politics of extremism that even Reagan and Goldwater turned their backs on in the mid – ‘60s. At least today progressives seem to mean and do what they say while so-called conservatives don’t even do as they say (raise taxes); much-less know what they say.

  2. Just a thought here. Is Nick supported by George Soros? This how things get started…
    Big money, local elections. They say all politics are local. Does Soros and Stacey Abrams have an influence here?
    Young people better learn soon…

  3. Well said, Steve. You are so right on every issue. Looks like Nick is also using AOC’s voice to lead the bullying on Edgewater about a subject that has been settled. “A quote from Tchr1, Nick likes AOC mostly because “AOC has a strong grasp of how to effectively utilize the power of the “bully pulpit” to push the conversation in a more progressive direction. IMHO, Progressives or socialists will not take Peachtree City in a positive direction that honors our core values.

  4. “I met with him, he is now perches on the extreme far left. Nick idolizes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). You know her, the socialist congresswoman who created the Green New Deal (voted down in the senate without even one vote in favor), who believes in open borders and wants free college, free paychecks, free healthcare for everyone? Nick said AOC was “a unique voice in the conversation regarding the future of our country.” He likes her mostly because “she has a strong grasp of how to effectively utilize the power of the bully pulpit to push the conversation in a more progressive direction.” Ummm… pass.” (Mike LaTella)

    • So true. Nick and his “We Push Woke”, he just needs to move to Atlanta. Andre Dickens shares his ideals. There is that slight crime problem there, but one cannot really put a price on a unique voice in the conversation.

    • I thought we mended our relationship at the Night Market a few months back or are you of the opinion that talking terribly about people online is ok if you act meek in person.

      Honestly Mike, you know Steve is a coward and a liar. You’re better than this even if he isn’t.