The Fayette County State Court Internship Program

Commissioners pictured (left to right): Edward Gibbons, Lee Hearn, Charles D. Rosseau, Charles Oddo. Honorees pictured (left to right): Sara Anis Ali, Kevin Becerra-Cardoza, Taylor Blumenthal, Alexis Nichols, Cady Sikes, Benjamin Appel, Ju

On Thursday, June 23rd, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners recognized the 2021-2022 Fayette County State Court interns which included high school students Mary Davis, Sara Anis Ali, Morgan McDaniel, and Nash Glover; college student Kevin Becerra-Cardoza; and law school students Christina Bowman, Cady Sikes, Taylor Blumenthal, Benjamin Appel, and Alexis Nichols.

The internship program has much to offer students at different levels. The interns have had opportunities to help with everyday court tasks and special projects assigned by staff. The law students have been able to help Judge Jason B. Thompson write orders; help with court filing and scheduling; case briefing; and complete research projects. The law students operate under the Staff Attorney LeeAnne Strohmann which allows them the opportunity to learn many valuable skills and lessons. All interns have the opportunity to observe trials and watch court proceedings. 

The State Court interns have much to say about their favorite aspects of the program. Being able to see attorneys practice in the courtroom has been Taylor Blumenthal’s favorite part. Nash Glover says he liked, “Learning about the behind-the-scenes process of the judicial system.” Alexis Nichols believes she has gained valuable experience with legal research and writing. Morgan McDaniel enjoyed watching jury trials and seeing the process play out in real-time. Benjamin Appel has found it insightful too, “Learn all of the courtroom formalities that you are not taught in law school.” Receiving meaningful advice and wisdom from several staff members and attorneys is what Kevin Becerra-Cardoza has found amazing. Cady Sikes has enjoyed being hands-on and interacting with the attorneys while learning about the different areas of law.

The program offers a lot for any who may be interested in the legal system or criminal justice. Interns gain valuable skills and experiences, alongside a multitude of knowledge. For information about our internship program contact Hailey Deatherage,, 770.716.4999, extension: 2055.