Police probe ex-employee’s text threats to trucking company


Fayetteville police are investigating text threats made by a former employee to a local company and to the supervisor who fired him.

Fayetteville police on June 13 received a call from a trucking company supervisor about threats made from a former employee via text messages.

The supervisor said she fired the employee several months previously, with the former employee earlier in the day on June 13 reportedly texting threats toward her and her company, said Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett.

Burdett said the supervisor told the officer she has another branch of her trucking company in another state, and the former employee is also from that state.

The complainant said she contacted the police department in the other state where her business is located, and they advised her to report the incident to the police department where her main business is located, Burdett said.

The case was turned over to the Fayetteville Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation. 

In another Fayetteville case, police on June 12 at approximately 8 p.m. were dispatched to a residence on Swanbrook Drive off Ga. Highway 54 East on a theft call.

Police met with the complainant, who said his vehicle had been entered, and an iPad in a cardboard box taken from the driver’s side floorboard, said Burdett.

Burdett said the complainant told police the vehicle was unlocked, and that he did want to prosecute. As is customary with entering auto cases, detectives are investigating.