Mail box thefts lead to 31 identity fraud charges against Fayetteville woman, 43

(L) Brenda Dickens. (R) Laura Duke. Photos/Fayette County Jail.
(L) Brenda Dickens. (R) Laura Duke. Photos/Fayette County Jail.

Newnan woman, 40, facing 7 counts of using a stolen credit card — 

A Fayetteville woman is in jail on 31 counts of fraud after going into people’s mailboxes and using their personal information to open accounts or to create new checks.

Brenda H. Dickens, 43, was charged with 31 counts of financial identity fraud and nine counts of elder abuse, according to Fayette County Jail records.  

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Unit had been on the trail for a few months, arresting Dickens on June 8.

Sheriff Barry Babb said Dickens had driven through the county, stealing checks and mail containing personal information.

One of the tactics employed by Dickens was to take that information, then use it to open an account in the victim’s name. With stolen checks, she would take the routing number and account number, then recreate new checks, Babb said.  

The elder abuse charges stem from some of the victims being over age 65.

Another arrest dealing with fraud came on June 4 when 40-year-old Newnan resident Laura L. Duke was charged with seven counts of financial transaction card fraud, seven counts of computer fraud, two counts of giving a false name and one count of elder abuse, said Babb.

In this case, the victim misplaced a credit card and reported it in mid-May. Duke, who had no relation to the victim, came into possession of the card, Babb explained.

Babb said the card was used on several occasions, with the investigation of the fraudulent activity leading detectives to Duke.


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