Uninvited stranger hands out beer to kids at Kedron birthday party, parent invites him to leave


An uninvited “guest” claiming to be a neighbor and admitting to being drunk arrived at a May 6 birthday party for teens in Peachtree City and began trying to hand out beers, but was quickly run off by a parent who had been alerted by the kids.

A Peachtree City officer on May 6 at approximately 10:01 p.m. was dispatched to a Tempest Drive residence at The Point at Lake Kedron subdivision in reference to a suspicious person.

“Upon my arrival, the complainant stated a white male subject with glasses entered the pool area of their backyard approximately 20 minutes ago. The complainant was hosting a birthday party for their 14-year-old child. Several kids ages 13-15 were in the pool,” the police report said.

The officer was told the man had two packs of beer and started handing them to the kids. He stated he was their neighbor and heard they were having a party and decided to come over.

“One of the kids told the subject they were underage, and he continued to pass out the beer. One of the kids told the complainant, who was inside, what was going on. The complainant stepped into the backyard, saw the subject and yelled at him. The subject stated he was drunk and left on foot towards the entrance of the neighborhood,” the police report noted.

The complainant did not recognize the subject and stated he was not a neighbor. The area was checked but the subject was not located, according to the report.

In another case, Peachtree City police on May 8 received multiple contacts from area residents in reference to receiving phone calls from an individual impersonating a Peachtree City police officer.

“The complainants stated that the caller informed them that money was owed to secure bonds against pending warrants,” the police report said.

Unfortunately, this type of scam is more common than many would realize.

Bottom line, law enforcement does not conduct this type of activity, and always advises that citizens be wary of such scams and to never provide someone pretending to be an officer with personal information or money, either in cash or electronically.