More traffic stops, more drugs found


A couple of seemingly routine traffic stops in Fayetteville found vehicle occupants who were less than cooperative with police — and with good reason.

A car was pulled over May 25 on Hwy. 85 in front of Fun Spot for ordinary traffic violations, but the two people inside the vehicle did not want to produce written identification or identify themselves at all, according to a spokesman for the Fayetteville Police Department. That was reason enough for their arrest, but a subsequent investigation produced more.

An inventory of the vehicle for impound turned up a large quantity of pills that turned out to be Oxycodone. The driver also had a suspended license.

Both occupants — Emily Adan, 24, and William Adan, 34, both of East Point — face a felony drug charge along with possession of non-labeled prescription drugs and obstruction of an officer, according to the Fayette County Jail log. William Adan was also charged with driving with a suspended license and failure to yield.

A May 26 traffic stop on Hwy. 85 at New Hope Road became suspicious at the start when, as the vehicle was slowing down, an officer witnessed something being thrown out the window. That was revealed to be marijuana.

There was also a strong odor of marijuana coming from the suspects’ vehicle, and it was searched at the scene. More marijuana was discovered along with unused bags, retail packaging and digital scales, all items commonly used in drug distribution. The search also turned up some firearm magazines and bullets, according to the police spokesman.

All four of the vehicle occupants were charged with multiple felony drug counts as well as drug abandonment in a public place and possession/use of drug-related objects: Ivan Desantos, 17, of Fairburn; Jordan Navarro, 17, of Union City; and Angel Polina Aguilera, 19, of Fairburn. Desantos had multiple outstanding arrest warrants for other reasons as well. The fourth occupant of the vehicle was an unnamed juvenile.