Man enters animal hospital, throws dog on floor, yells, leaves


Fayetteville police are investigating a possible animal cruelty case following an April 7 incident where a man entered an animal hospital, threw a dog in the reception area, yelled at staff and left.

Fayetteville police on April 7 at approximately 5:24 p.m. were dispatched to Fayette Animal Hospital on Bradley Drive.

Police met with the complainant/receptionist, who said at approximately 5:11 p.m., an unidentified man entered the lobby carrying a dog, said Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett.

“The complainant said the subject allegedly threw the dog into the reception desk and began yelling at the staff,” Burdett said. “The complainant told police she advised the subject that the animal hospital was not an animal shelter and she would be calling the police.”

The receptionist observed the man leave the area in a gray pickup truck traveling southbound on Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard. The complainant provided the subject’s license plate information to the police, Burdett noted.

The complainant informed police the dog did not have a chip or any other form of identification, Burdett added.

The case was turned over to the Fayetteville Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation.

In another case, an officer at police headquarters on April 8 met with a man reporting that tax documents were discovered missing from his vehicle after a medical appointment.

Burdett said police met with the complainant, who said he was at an appointment at the medical office adjacent to Piedmont Fayette Hospital on Ga. Highway 54 West from approximately 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

The man said he returned home and noticed his tax documents were missing from his vehicle, but there did not seem to be any forced entry to his vehicle, said Burdett.

The complainant could not remember if he locked his doors before his medical appointment, Burdett added.

All law enforcement agencies routinely advise motorists to never leave their vehicle unlocked at home or in the community and to never leave anything of value in plain sight.

IN another case, Fayetteville investigators are trying to determine if an April 8 report of a gun fired at a vehicle near the emergency department driveway at Piedmont Fayette Hospital can be substantiated.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said police on April 8 at approximately 6:51 p.m. were dispatched to Piedmont Fayette Hospital on Ga. Highway 54 West regarding an alleged person armed call.

Police met with the complainant, a Piedmont public safety officer, who said the alleged offender, victim and witness had all left the scene.

Burdett reported that the public safety officer told police he did obtain the witness’s contact information and account of what occurred before she left the scene. The officer made several attempts to contact the witness, but those attempts were unsuccessful.

“The witness stated (she) observed a black Lexus and a black Jeep involved in an altercation in the emergency department’s driveway, which almost resulted in her car being hit because of their erratic driving,” Burdett said of the witness report to the public safety officer. “The witness said (she) observed the driver of the Lexus fire a shot at the Jeep while the Jeep fled towards Hwy. 54 and turned to the right. The area was searched for spent shell casings, and no shell casings were recovered.”

Burdett explained that Fayetteville officers and Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies made contact with the registered owners of the vehicles, but were unable to corroborate the statements of either individual to determine if they were involved in the alleged incident that took place at the hospital.

The case was turned over to the Fayetteville Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation.

Anyone with information pertaining to this incident should contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 770-461-4441.