Fayette woman who stabbed her husband 22 times sentenced to life without parole for murder

Alexandria G. Mardell. Photo (2019)/Fayette County Jail.
Alexandria G. Mardell. Photo (2019)/Fayette County Jail.

A Fayette County woman has been convicted of murder in the December 2019 death of her husband by stabbing him 22 times in their east Fayette home.

District Attorney Marie Broder on March 18 said a Fayette County jury convicted Alexandria Ginavia Mardell, 35, of malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault.

Senior Assistant District Attorney Dan Hiatt and Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Dehbozorgi tried the case for the state, Broder noted.

Broder said the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office investigated the murder.

Fayette Superior Court Judge Rhonda Kreuziger sentenced the defendant to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“Mardell was convicted of killing her husband, John Mardell, on Dec. 23 2019,” said Broder. “She killed him by stabbing him at least 22 times and striking him in the head with a glass jar. After the violent attack, the defendant packed a bag and fled the house in the victim’s car.”

Broder said Mardell claimed self-defense, but the jury rejected that defense with its verdict.

At the sentencing hearing, Senior ADA Hiatt said, “John Mardell’s death was horrific. His major organs were damaged, and he floundered on the ground…dying.”

Commenting on the verdict, Broder said, “John Mardell’s death was avoidable, senseless and horribly violent. My deepest thanks goes to the investigators with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and to my team for working so hard to bring justice to John. ADA Hiatt said to the judge during sentencing that this case ‘needs to send a message to this county that violence like this will not be tolerated.’ The jury sent that message with its verdict and the judge sent that message with her sentence.”