Woman seeking hair extensions for business venture forced to withdraw cash to give to armed trio


Fayetteville police are investigating a reported armed robbery that occurred when a woman met with a potential business contact who, along with two accomplices, threatened her at gunpoint. The woman told police she followed their instructions, withdrew money from her account and gave it to them as instructed.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said officers on March 4 at approximately 11:45 a.m. were dispatched to police headquarters to take the report of an alleged armed robbery.

Police met with the complainant, who said she was robbed at gunpoint at Chase Bank on South Glynn Street.

“The complainant told police on Feb. 26 she contacted an unknown male via Instagram regarding purchasing hair extensions so she could open a hair business,” said Burdett. “The complainant said the unknown male subject told her there was a special promotional sale for multiple hair units. The complainant reported to police that she told the complainant she didn’t have the money.”

The woman told police the male subject said they could work out an arrangement, adding that the man asked her to deposit a check into her bank account, Burdett added.

Burdett said the complainant said the man asked for her banking credentials, and she provided the information. The man subsequently contacted the complainant a few days later to meet him at Chase Bank.

Arriving at the bank, “The complainant told police the subject allegedly instructed her to come to his car parked on the south side of the building. The complainant said the alleged subject from Instagram was in the driver’s seat, an unidentified black female was in the front passenger seat and an unidentified black male was in the rear passenger seat, Burdett reported.

The complainant told officers she got into the rear passenger seat, adding that the male subject from Instagram allegedly threatened her.

“The complainant said the male seated in the rear passenger seat allegedly had a handgun in his pocket and instructed her to go inside the bank and withdraw whatever money was in the account and bring it back to him,” said Burdett. “The complainant said she complied and returned with the money, and (the subjects) left the area.”

Burdett said the male subject from Instagram was described as a black male, with short eye-length dread-style hair with blonde tips.

The unidentified female was described as a light complexion, black female with a red wig, wearing white shoes with diamond studs all over the shoes.

The male passenger in the rear was described as a black male with no hair, approximately 5’ 10” tall wearing all black clothing and a beanie-style hat that appeared to be a rolled-up ski mask, Burdett said.

The case was turned over to the Fayetteville Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation.


  1. “…instructed her to go inside the bank and withdraw whatever money was in the account and bring it back to him,” said Burdett. “The complainant said she complied and returned with the money…”

    What in the ever loving F? Either she’s dumber than the lede suggests or what? I don’t know. She went in the bank, out of harms way and “complied.” What a f—— dumb—-.

  2. That is awful…however, she probably could get a real deal on lacquer hair extensions and bring back that retro look…probably pallets available in Morrow left over from 1997 fashion shows.
    Hope they catch those robbers.