Police looking for suspects who robbed Kedron Verizon store Sunday

Peachtree City police officers check for clues in robbery of the Kedron Verizon wireless store Sunday afternoon. Photo/Cal Beverly.

UPDATED MONDAY, FEB. 28 — Peachtree City police are investigating a Feb. 27 robbery at the Verizon store at the Kedron Village retail area where phones and cash were stolen.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said two black males entered the store at approximately 4:30 p.m., with at least one of them carrying a handgun.

The suspects forced the victim to turn over an unknown number of cell phones along with an undisclosed amount of cash, said Hyatt.

Hyatt said there were no injuries reported as a result of the robbery.

Additional details of the robbery will be available as the investigation continues.


  1. Time to conceal & carry, everyone. Once criminals like this get a taste of their own medicine, and get a hun pulled on them or bullets sent their direction, they will finally learn. These perps will only understand if you use a gun to help them understand.

  2. Again very disappointed that in the middle of the day two (not people) but rather scum of the earth can walk into a store with a gun and take what is NOT rightfully theirs. Please citizens of PTC keep the scum out of this town by what ever means it takes!!!!

  3. Kedron is now part of south Fulton Co. and all of the special people that it brings.
    We need police to be onsite 24/7 to send a message.
    Been here 32 years to get away from Fulton and Clayton…looks like the whole West side is changing…not in a good way either.