Tyrone woman faces felony charges after shoplifting scamper from Fayetteville Home Depot


Takes jail search to find hidden money — 

A Tyrone woman is facing felony shoplifting and other charges in a Jan. 27 incident at the Home Depot in Fayetteville.

Robin D. Heath, 49, was charged with felony shoplifting (more than $500), theft by deception, obstruction, felony tampering with evidence, possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects, according to Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett.

Burdett said it was on Jan. 27 at approximately 1:36 p.m. that police were called to the Home Depot at the Fayette Pavilion regarding an alleged theft.

Officers located Heath in the nearby Target parking lot, with officers transporting her back to the Home Depot parking lot, where they met with the loss prevention manager, said Burdett.

The loss prevention manager said Heath allegedly ran through the parking lot with stolen items from the store that she collected and did not purchase, Burdett continued.

Burdett said Heath allegedly put the stolen items in her car before running across to the Target parking lot.

Upon locating Heath’s vehicle, officers observed a Home Depot bag with articles inside. Officers also smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle, said Burdett.

An officer retrieved the Home Depot bag and searched the vehicle where drugs and drug paraphernalia were located during the process, Burdett noted.

Heath was placed under arrest, and during the search of her person, U.S. currency that was allegedly received from the return of merchandise at the Home Depot was located. The currency was temporarily returned to her, said Burdett.

Officers later asked Heath for the U.S. currency so it could be returned to the loss prevention manager. However, Heath stated she did not have the money. Officers searched Heath, but they could not locate the money, Burdett explained.

Heath was transported to the Fayette County Jail and transferred to the jail personnel. The jail personnel conducted a search of Heath and located the U.S. currency.

In another Fayetteville case, officers on Jan. 31 at approximately 8:27 p.m. were dispatched to the AT&T store at the Fayette Pavilion regarding an alleged theft.

Burdett said police met with the complainant/store manager, who said they observed a live demonstration model phone was missing from its display stand.

“The complainant told police they reviewed the store’s video surveillance footage and observed an unidentified male walk around the display stand several times before the phone went missing,” Burdett said.

The male was described as a dark-skinned African American male, approximately 5’ 11” and wearing a gray peacoat with a black quarter-zip sweater under the peacoat, gray beanie hat, dark jeans, black leather shoes and a black face mask, according to Burdett.

The complainant told police the alleged suspect left the area in a gold Buick Rendezvous. The complainant advised police that AT&T would like to press charges, Burdett added.

In a final case, police at headquarters on Jan. 28 took a report of an alleged entering auto.

The complainant said they and a friend were at the Circle K on East Lanier Avenue on Dec. 18 at approximately 10 p.m., said Burdett.

Burdett said the complainant told police they arrived at the gas station in their friend’s vehicle, parked the vehicle in a parking spot to the right of the entrance to Circle K, and left their cell phone and wallet in the front passenger seat.

Having been in the store for approximately 15-20 minutes, the two returned to the vehicle to find the phone and wallet stolen from the unlocked vehicle, Burdett explained.


  1. I avoid anything North of Fayetteville square…it’s all a part of South Riverdale…I can say that without reservation having lived in Riverdale in the past.
    The world as we knew it is almost gone in Fayette Co…

  2. I remember when the Pavilion was brand new, back when the only other shopping options were the PTC K-Mart and the Shannon Mall (before Newnan had anything to offer). The Pavilion used the be nice, but it’s gone down hill. My family and I avoid the Pavilion as much as possible.