Police safely end chase through Peachtree City’s busiest intersection


An Atlanta man attempting to flee Peachtree City police in a Jan. 18 incident landed in jail on local charges, in addition to a litany of charges in Georgia and Maryland based on outstanding warrants.

Jordon Johnson, 20, was charged with offenses such as felony fleeing/attempting to elude, suspended license, Peachtree City police said.

The incident began Jan. 18 at approximately 4:30 p.m. when officers on Ga. Highway 74 South at TDK Boulevard attempted to make contact with a wanted person at the Pit Stop store, according to Peachtree City police.

Johnson fled the scene in his vehicle, with officers briefly pursuing him, reports said.

“The pursuit was brought to a safe end by an officer utilizing a ‘PIT’ maneuver and Johnson was taken into custody without further incident,” according to the department’s Facebook page. “The quick and skillful resolution by one of our well-trained officers thankfully ended this dangerous driver’s ongoing refusal to accept accountability for endangering the public.”

Police said Johnson had active warrants for DUI, driving without a license and felony fleeing/attempting to elude police from Coweta County, as well as a warrant for probation violation from Henry County, a warrant for failure to appear on a DUI charge from Salisbury, Maryland and a warrant for failure to appear on a driving without license charge from Cambridge, Maryland, according to police.


  1. Thank you PTC Police!
    20 years old and his life is a TRAIN WRECK…I hope he turns off the nasty /greasy RAP and tries to get his life in order…send “A Better Way” to his cell and he should thank God someone here might help him while he serves his time.
    He is in a world of hurt in Fayette Co….these judges here don’t mess around with IDIOTS who endanger our citizens,