‘Woke’ Booth Facebook post vanishes — What else is school system hiding?


On November 10, 2021, students at Booth Middle School were greeted with the following message: “Good morning Booth warriors … Just wanted to tell you that this week is Transgender Awareness Week. Not because I want to be different but because I want to be myself.”

The video was posted briefly on the Booth Middle School Facebook page, but if you have a habit of blinking, you probably missed it. The ironic thing about this announcement about Transgender Awareness Week (aside from the fact that nobody even knew it existed), is that it was immediately preceded by an announcement about science.

To be clear, transgenderism is not a scientific nor positive movement, but a Marxist tool to uproot traditional values, abolish the family unit, and ultimately destroy our country.

But let’s pretend it’s positive and scientific. I have a few questions for the school teachers and administrators at Booth, as well as the Fayette County Board of Education.

If this is something you want to teach our kids, why can’t we see it? If it is a positive message backed by truth, why hide it and take it down? Why isn’t this very important event discussed during school board meetings? Also, when will you celebrate Cisgender Appreciation Week? (Just kidding, please don’t).

If accepting the transgender movement was positive, enlightening, and true, the video would still be up. But the school and BOE are afraid of “domestic terrorist” moms who care about the welfare of their children and want them to learn facts.

(Just check out Leonard Presberg’s “funny” meme about bully moms at the school board meetings. Funny how progressives in power always use victimization as a tool of oppression. By the way, us moms don’t need to apologize for getting upset over the school and FCBOE abusing our children with masks, treating them like prisoners in the cafeteria and hallways, and now indoctrinating them with cultural Marxist poison.)

Also, it doesn’t take an educator or a scientist to say that humans are born, with a few intersex exceptions, as either male or female. No matter how “woke” you are, nothing will change this basic scientific fact. The educators at Booth clearly understand this is not something we want them teaching our children, otherwise they would not hide the video.

This begs the most important question of all: what else are they hiding?

Michele Cooper

Fayetteville, Ga.


  1. This announcement or recognition has no place in our schools, especially middle school. Trying to make the exception…the normal is illogical. If anything, these people need mental health therapy. Trying to tell young girls who happen to be tomboys,..that they are actually boys is lunacy.

  2. Regardless of your stance on this subject, it seems to me that anything and everything being taught, discussed or shared in the public schools by faculty should be transparent and open to the community/parents who have a right to know what is being offered up to our youth.

  3. Ms. Cooper–What does Transgender Awareness Week really attempt to do? It helps raise the visibility of transgender people.
    It addresses the issues that members of that community face.
    And on the final day (Transgender Day of Remembrance) it mourns and recalls those killed because of their identity. This year 45 people have lost their lives, mostly Black and Latinx.

    We can all benefit from awareness programs such as this. We are never too young (nor too old) to learn empathy and equality.

    Fear and anger are terrible teachers.

    • You’d be surprised what people can and can’t afford. Many families can apply for assistance, and are granted it, depending on the school. It really boils down on how much Michele wants to see her child(ren) in a place that she believes is best for her. When there is a will, there is a way. Of course, she might have to sacrifice something of herself in order to do it. I’m wondering if she’s willing to do so?

  4. Michele, you know, you do have choices. There are numerous private schools in the area and there’s always homeschooling. As well, you could always move to another school district if you can find one that you’re aligned with. Think about doing what’s best for you and allow others to do what’s best for their children.