Delivery of 2 pounds of pot botched at post office, Riverdale man arrested

Jabrail D. Richardson. Photo/Fayette County Jail.
Jabrail D. Richardson. Photo/Fayette County Jail.

A Riverdale man on Aug. 30 got more than he bargained for while trying to pick up a package from the Peachtree City Post Office, being charged with conspiracy to possess two pounds of marijuana.

Jabrail D. Richardson, 28, was charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, according to Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt.

Hyatt said Richardson arrived at the Peachtree City Post Office Monday morning to pick up a package, but got into a dispute with postal workers who did not want to hand it over to him. Police were subsequently called to the scene.

It turned out that the reason for postal workers’ refusal was that the package was damaged, revealing two large vacuum-sealed bags containing suspected marijuana, each weighing approximately one pound, Hyatt said.

Richardson left empty-handed, but was stopped by officers who arrived as he exited the building, Hyatt noted.

Officers also smelled marijuana inside Richardson’s vehicle, where they discovered a small amount of the substance, Hyatt added.

Richardson was transported to the Fayette County Jail.


  1. Well to this DOPE IMPORTER’S credit, at least he was not busted for trying to harvest his drugs from that JUNGLE OF WEED(S) growing outside and around the PTC Post Office! We would not want anyone to be fooled into believing that our Post Office was a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BUILDING or that it was actually being run PROPERLY and EFFICIENTLY! Our – the Peachtree City – Post Office is the most MISMANAGED and DISGRACEFUL facility or enterprise that I have been obliged to interact with East of the Mississippi River! If EVER there was a desperate need for MASS FIRINGS, layoffs and reassignments it is THIS PTC POST OFFICE – which more often than not looks like an OVERGROWN GARBAGE DUMP than a place to conduct ‘postal affairs’! I AM SO COMPLETELY DISGUSTED WITH THESE PEOPLE!

      • I am far from being ‘upset’. I am DISGUSTED and FED UP that these USPS CLOWNS are permitted to operate a postal facility in the SHABBY and DISGRACEFUL MANNER that they have been doing in Peachtree Cith for so many years with little or no corrective action and in the face of a NEVER ENDING AVALANCHE OF COMPLAINTS! It is a question of STANDARDS, PROFESSIONALISM and PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP versus COMPLETE and OVERWHELMING INCOMPETENCE! And YOU appear to fit firmly and comfortably into the NO STANDARDS CAMP if that is the best comment that you see fit to post.

    • That’s why I run down to Senoia. A little drive but at least a nice one. Both PTC and Fayetteville P.O.s are a joke; poorly run dumps. It’s long past time for Uncle Sam needs to get his hands off this quasi-government operation and let it go fully private …let it be run like a competitive business.

    • To be truthful, they screwed up! The proper response would have been to ask him to verify the contents have not been damaged and sign off that he has inspected the package and contents and accepts liability and give him the package. Police could pick him up with the stuff in his possession and use his statement as proof that he was fully aware of the contents. Right now, any Sesame Street lawyer will be able to get him off on the 2 pounds as he can claim he was unaware of the contents…

      • Hey Aeropig….your point is a total bummer…amazing that the postal clerk or postmaster would not know this this…they should be fired.

        On the bright side…this young man will probably escape a felony charge and have the mug shot available for his new Georgia voter ID.

  2. His first mistake was sending it by USPS. Either way, I’m glad we solved all the real crimes going on in society so that we can now focus on harshing a dude’s mellow and arresting people for enjoying a plant.