What do Georgia voters think about new voting law?


University of Georgia Poll: Majority of voters back key provisions of SB 202 — 

The University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs released new polling April 21 showing a majority of Georgia voters approve of key provisions of Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, which Governor Brian Kemp signed into law last month.

A majority of voters approved of the following:

• Voter ID requirements on absentee balloting (65% approve)

• Mandating two Saturdays of early voting (75% approve)

• Optional two Sundays of early voting (74% approve)

• Moving to a four-week runoff period (52% approve)

• Securing all drop boxes around the clock (55% approve)

• Changing absentee ballot request deadline from four days to eleven days prior to Election Day (60% approve)

• Prohibiting the sending of unsolicited absentee ballot applications (54% approve)

• Additional safeguards to prevent fraud (52% support)

Other key findings:

• A majority of voters opposed economic boycotts (59% oppose)

• A majority of voters polled believe corporations should “stay out” of politics (62% stay out)

Gov. Kemp’s office emailed the findings in a news release April 21.


  1. The AJC reported from this poll that two-thirds of voters opposed restrictions of providing sustenance to voters standing in line to vote, and a similar majority opposed the legislature’s broad prerogative to usurp control of elections from local officials. Interesting that Gov. Kemp conveniently omitted these results from his email blast.