Keep new Booth Middle School closed until roads, intersections upgraded


The entire Fayette County citizenry should be enraged by the collusion and back room dealings between the Methodist Church and the County Board of Education/School System that presented the Peachtree City Council with a fait accompli with inadequate roads to support the twice daily surge of traffic.

There was no significant public discourse during the planning stage. Perhaps this intentional outrage may be traced to the common name(s) between the Methodist Church officers anxious to convert their excess land to cash, and the Fayette County Board of Education anxious to find land to replace a functioning middle school in the center of its district.

The certificate of occupancy should be denied until the necessary roads are paved and widened to prevent gridlock at the busy intersection of THE major north/south (Robinson/Walt Banks) and east/west intersections (SR54) of eastern PTC.

The short-sighted folks who spent the $45 million constructing the school should be the ones to provide access that interfaces smoothly with Robinson Road and SR54.

Just saying.

Stocker Reed

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Denying a CO is a great idea. We all agree this is a mess that the school board created and sadly will never be held personally accountable. With the exception of Marchman the rest should be made a pariah in this community.

  2. After reading this it’s apparent that The Citizen will publish anything as long as it’s riddled with inaccuracies and falsehoods! Not sure who Stalker Reed really is but anyone who has followed this story from the beginning should be able to piece together that there’s blame to go around on both school board and ptc. But to go around throwing out claims of collusion? Really? Where’s the proof? This letter is laughable!

  3. Not sure why you feel compelled to drag PTCUMC’s name through the mud on this one. Their decision to sell was made by a vote of 310 electors in a congregational conference in December of 2018. This followed the public announcement of the decision by the board to make an offer on the land, which came months after the board made it known that they were looking for land in Eastern PTC.

    This is a good church attended by good people who do good works in this community. They shouldn’t be cast out by mere association with the School Board’s boondoggle.