Senator Harbin introduces legislation about girls’ sports, state election process


Senator Marty Harbin (R-Tyrone) introduced legislation Feb. 24 he said would protect girls’ sports.

This legislation would prohibit biological males in public or private schools from participating in athletic programs designed for females when competing against a public school, Harbin said.

“Science clearly shows that men have a biological advantage over women in the arena of competitive sports,” Harbin said. “It is not fair to young women who wish to compete in sports to have to do so against men. This legislation protects a girl’s right to play sports on a level playing field.”

Earlier in the week, Harbin introduced legislation to expand protections for Georgia’s election process.

SB 232 would add serial numbers to absentee ballots as well as to an outer envelope that has no personal identifying information for the voter. This would allow the number of envelopes to be matched to the number of absentee ballots mailed in to ensure that there was no fraud in the vote counting process.

“Many constituents have reached out to me with concerns about the November 3rd election,” Harbin said. “Many people are afraid that their votes don’t count. This legislation seeks to restore trust in the system by ensuring that the number of absentee ballots received by county election officials and the number of absentee ballots tallied as votes matches exactly. Furthermore, in the event of future challenges over election results, this will make the auditors’ jobs much easier.”