Hallmark of Democrat governance: Continuous incompetence


One of the biggest problems I have with Democratic policies is that they place way too much trust in the government.

I am not doctrinaire in my opposition to government-based solutions. Our government does some things pretty well and has racked up some amazing achievements over the years (the moon landing springs to mind, for one).

And I’ve lived in Japan, where government has a much larger role in daily life and found the experience to be mostly positive.

But there is a huge caveat attached to any praise I may have for government: government only works in limited ways and when there has been sufficient due diligence to ensure bureaucratic competency.

This happens rarely in the U.S. and is why our government often makes things worse than better and why President Reagan once quipped, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.’”

We are seeing this problem on ample display right now.

Cities which were run primarily by the party of government — Democrats — were the ones which were most severely affected by riots last summer, riots based on the notion that systemic racism is the root of all evil in our society. And yet, the worst riots took place in cities run by Democrats who claim to be the most vigilant in combating racism.

Seems to me that if the protestors and rioters were most vocal and violent in places run by people who agree with them, then perhaps those people were so incompetent and even racist that they shouldn’t be entrusted with the reins of government in the first place.

And yet, we did just that very thing by shifting one branch and one house of Congress to the Democrats in November. Reminds me of the term “failing upwards.”

Because government’s incompetence was only covered by the mainstream press if it was directly connected to Trump, we didn’t get much attention on the deadly Tom-foolery of Andrew Cuomo. Instead, we were told he was a master at dealing with Covid. Heck, he even got a freakin’ Emmy for his TV “performances.”

And yet, nursing home deaths from Covid were 400-500% greater in New York than other states, and that is before his own Attorney General said his administration under-counted those deaths by half.

Florida, the target of many attacks by the press, saw a 1.2% death rate in its nursing homes, while NY and NJ were at 10% or more. Hmmm.

Strange that the states run by the party of government had such ineffectual government responses compared to states run by Republicans, who have a more realistic view of the limits of government capability and competence, and thus are able to make better plans to account for those realities.

And now we have the Biden administration, who promised to be ready “day one” to take over the anti-Covid campaign and “shut down the virus.” Of course, their failure to properly administer the vaccines is being blamed on the administration responsible for developing the vaccines in record time, but nevermind.

For Democrats, public policy failure is never an impediment to their unshakeable faith in the power and glory of public policy to solve all of mankind’s ills.

Just think of how much of a failure Obamacare was. Remember the disastrous rollout of healthcare.gov? We’re seeing that pattern repeat with the vaccine distribution.

See, no matter how noble your intentions are, or how much you believe the public school propaganda that government is the solution to our society’s problems, reality has a way of upstaging rhetoric and disproving ideological assumptions.

Of course, when reality does this, the press and those responsible for the messes that result ignore it as much as possible. FDR policies extended the Great Depression? Nevermind. He cared and talked to us on the radio!

LBJ’s Great Society largely failed to relieve poverty and in fact made dysfunction worse by incentivizing poor choices? Oh, well! He tried, and that’s what matters.

Government’s attempt to take over a huge swath of healthcare didn’t work as promised, resulted in premium increases, and generally failed to meet its own definition of success? What we need is more government involvement in healthcare!

Liberal social, educational, and law enforcement policies have seen huge chunks of urban America descend into near-permanent desperation and poverty? Let’s re-elect them and give them even more power to spread their failed vision!

Covid may be the most important example of this trend. We were told to “trust the science” and were scolded if we voiced some skepticism. After all, we were told not to wear masks by Fauci et al., and then told we must wear them. This is a not insignificant reversal and I don’t recall Fauci or anyone explaining the reversal. They just said: shut up and do as we say.

So many places shut down schools, businesses, religious services, etc., based on the utterly scientific certainty that doing so would flatten the curve and perhaps even defeat the virus. But that didn’t happen, and now data (REAL DATA) show that places that shutdown the most severely typically saw worse infection rates.

Turns out the redneck governor of Georgia might have been right to relax the rules back in April, or that the jerk Republican governor of Florida may have been correct in applying restrictions more surgically than generally.

Lives were lost as the result of policies taken by the likes of Cuomo, and it seems that many Democrats took these positions simply because they were the opposite of what Trump was saying. This notion is proven out by the fact that after the inauguration, places like California and Chicago announced that they were going to start opening things back up again. Coincidence? I doubt it.

So Democrats, keep on voting for the party of incompetence if you need to assuage your guilty conscience for this or that historical injustice, but just keep in mind that the very people you put in power to solve various problems have proven to be the most ineffective at doing so.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Let’s not pretend that neither the Republican Party, nor the Libertarian Party, nor the myriad of fledgling political parties further to the fringes are somehow any shining beacon of competence and execution intelligence. Politicians today have hit new heights of histrionic political theater. Most truly competent people lack the stomach for that, and generally avoid government service. So until we implement certain electoral reforms, chief among them being term limits, we will continue this bread-and-circus idiocy that politicians use as cover for laundering taxpayer dollars into their campaign funds, and private sector dollars into their back pockets.

    This, and other reasons, are why the founders intended that government be as small as possible. Ideological supremacy or brand preference isn’t solving anything.

  2. You’re absolutely right, Trey. I’m going to vote Republican: a party that believes in law and order but incites riots at the Capitol, has crackpots who say there are Jewish space lasers from outer space and that there are people out their drinking the blood of children, and won’t wear a mask to protect your “freedom” during a global pandemic that’s killed 450,000 U.S. citizens (after all, why protect other Americans?). That makes perfect sense.

    • Here we go attacking the messenger but failing to address the issue. Should the words in Trump’s speech force you believe it incited a riot, I would ask you to listen to what was actually said and the timeframe that coincided with the Jan 6th riot that proved it was preplanned. Surely you have forgotten about the “incident in the Senate chamber in 2018. Perhaps you can provide facts showing that more liberals wear masks than conservatives, but I doubt it. So go ahead and try.
      I do admire your imagination regarding Jewish space lasers however.

      • Many that traveled to DC to show up at The Ellipse on Jan 6 were told (via a Trump tweet on Jan 4), “If the liberal Democrats take the Senate and the White House – and they’re not taking this White House – we’re going to fight like hell, I’ll tell you right now. We’re going to take it back.” And those that stormed the Capitol were dressed and prepared for a fight. Btw, the space lasers are the imagination of the GOP-Q.

          • I am fairly confident that if someone showed up to a council meeting wearing tactical gear, carrying a weapon, along with some zip tie cuffs, that not only would that person be escorted out of the building, but arrested and charged as well. One of the charges, attempting to inflict bodily injure no doubt.

          • Mike, your willful denial of Trump’s actions is very telling of your character. The world watched as he whipped these so-called “Patriots” into a frenzy, beginning in the early days of his campaign in 2015 and then culminating into the outright sickening behavior he displayed since the election on November 3rd. You watched it and not only condoned it, you encouraged and relished in the rhetoric. Why? Who knows… maybe because you found pleasure in “owning” the Liberals or maybe was it because you identified with his behavior? Out of many, I would expect you, a high ranking officer in the U.S. Army, would be able to see that Trump’s lack of leadership was extremely detrimental. You can purport to support the man based soley on his policies, but you should know, as many already do, that there is more to an effective leader than his/her policies. Character matters, Mike. How one treats other people is the true measure of character and whether or not they are an effective leader. It is doubtful if Trump will ever hold office again. People will never forget his character.

  3. The letter is typical Trey “Foxspeak.” He takes complicated issues and offers simplistic explanations based on dichotomous reasoning. It’s not that all of his citations are inaccurate, merely that assignment of total blame to any group of actors ignores competing explanations that may demonstrate multiple reasons for the conclusions.

    Predominantly Republican states produce far less of the U.S. gross national product and have a much higher incidence of opioid addiction. Using Trey’s simplistic reasoning, this would be the exclusive consequence of faulty conservative leaders. Of course, this is spurious since myriad factors affect GDP and opioid addiction that are outside of the control of any governor or mayor. The same is true of urban crime and COVID spread.

    Mr. Hoffman lives in a simpleton’s world of black and white with no shades of gray. It makes identification of villains easy at the expense of discovering the true causes of maladies and their promising remedies.

    • Hey STF. We’re in consumer driven economics (loosely defined to include all consumption regardless of material or services). Politics will supply the greatest demand. It actually is a matter of black and white (polarism) with fence straddlers getting what’s gleaned in the fields.

  4. How belittling and dismissive your phrase “…the notion that systematic racism is the root of all evil in our society.” The
    notion? The concept? The belief? It is much, much more than that to the family and friends of Tamir Rice, Philandro Castille, Michael Brown, Botham Jean, Amadou Diallo, Freddie Gray, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Andre Hill, George Floyd, and all other African-Americans who have needlessly died during encounters with law enforcement.

    Equally uncaring is your sign-off to Democrats “…if you need to assuage your guilty conscience for this or that historical injustice”. Yes, we struggle with the past that has benefitted the
    majority and brutalized others. We also work to change the present, hoping for a better future.

    Please consider choosing your words more carefully; close your laptop for a few moments; before being so flippant about racism in our country, Say Their Names.
    Now you know some of them.

  5. “When the worst person you know makes a good point”

    You’re right on this one. From my perspective the democrats are afraid to wield power. They don’t have to compromise with the republicans, lord knows if the situation was reversed the republicans wouldn’t compromise with the democrats. I strongly disagree with everything the republicans stand for, but I can respect them for having a goal and actually getting stuff done.

    • Mike, the verbose letter penned by Mr. Hoffman is the third one written and submitted within a 7-day period. It calls to mind a wry quip purportedly made by Abe Lincoln … “that feller, he sure can concentrate the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.” Ah yes, satirical wisdom (like Ronald Reagan’s), even that art form has left the party to be replaced by a more defensive and combative approach.