State’s Covid report delayed by crush of numbers


The usually punctual Covid-19 Daily Status Report was several hours late today in posting the Jan. 6 numbers “due to a high volume of data to process,” DPH said.

Some preliminary numbers were available, according to a 3 p.m. email:

COVID-19 Dashboard Update Delay

 Atlanta –  Due to a high volume of data to process, the COVID-19 update for 1-6-2021 will be delayed several hours. Please check the dashboard after 5 p.m. for today’s complete update.

As of 3 p.m., the preliminary numbers are:

Confirmed cases – 602,479

Confirmed cases reported today – 5,271

Antigen positive cases – 110,877

Antigen positive cases reported today – 1,931

Confirmed deaths – 10,027

Confirmed deaths reported today – 61

Probable deaths – 1,130