Fayette-based group promotes abstinence as a Covid-19 prevention solution


Did you know that because of pre-marital sex, HIV/AIDS related illness is now the leading cause of death among Black women ages 25-34, and also 72% of Black children and 53% of Hispanic children are born outside of marriage? This type of research has proven that pre-marital sex is one of the major issues that is killing and destroying the lives of too many Blacks and Hispanics, according to a spokesperson for a Peachtree City-based ministry, The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement & GAP Ministries.

Now the same thing is happening with Covid-19, said Kim Wilson, founder of the movement. Research shows it is spreading much faster and killing more Blacks and Hispanics than any other ethnic groups of all ages in the United States.

In fact, research shows that Blacks are 4 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than Whites, who have the lowest death rates of any ethnic group, and Blacks and Hispanics are dying at younger ages, Wilson said.

“Another major solution to help stop the rapid spreading of Covid-19 and it infecting and killing more Blacks and Hispanics than any other ethnic group, is to promote Abstinence and for them to stop having sex before marriage,” Wilson said.

“AIDS is a horrible disease and very rampant in Black and Hispanic communities and many die in about 2 years if untreated. However, Covid-19 can kill you in a matter of days. But the solution is still the same. Blacks and Hispanics must stop having sex before marriage and begin to practice abstinence immediately to keep from getting infected or dying from Covid-19 not just in a matter of about 2 years, as with AIDS, but in a matter of days! And this solution to the problem is not being promoted nearly enough or fast enough to save more of their lives before it is too late for them not just every year, but every day of the week,” Wilson said.

“Also contracting HIV/AIDs will automatically put Blacks and Hispanics in the group of vulnerable people who will be in grave danger if they catch Covid-19 because HIV/AIDs is an autoimmune disease, and reduces one’s ability to fight Covid-19,” Wilson said.

Because promoting abstinence as a major solution to the horrific consequences of Covid-19 and high death rates in the Black and Hispanic communities, The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement & GAP Ministries (established 30 years ago and has been promoting abstinence especially to Black and Hispanic Women and Girls in the U.S, Africa and worldwide), is providing a free audio book entitled, “The Abstinence Handbook: for Women and Girls throughout the World” that teaches women and girls how to practice abstinence and stop having sex before marriage, Wilson said.

This audio book is very easy to understand and apply to your life and has been beneficial to tens of thousands of women and girls in the U.S., Africa and worldwide, Wilson said.

The audio book can be listened to or downloaded at www.gapmovement.net or call or text 678-491-8583 to get this audio book by email or text as requested.

For more information about The Loretta Johnson Global Abstinence Movement & GAP Ministries and Founder, Kim Wilson, visit the website at www.gapmovement.net or contact us by phone/text at 678-491-8583 or email at kimwilson125@att.net.