Peachtree City police seek graffiti gang


Peachtree city police are hoping someone in the community can identify the members of this group of people, some of whom recently spray-painted graffiti at the Glenloch Skate Park.

Posted on the Peachtree City Police Department and Peachtree City Fire Rescue Facebook page on Aug. 28, the information noted that a group of juveniles on July 19 were present at the Glenloch Skate Park and that certain members of the group spray-painted graffiti on the property.

The posted photos are of the group as they arrived at the park and the vehicle they arrived in, police said.

Anyone with information to help identify the individuals is asked to contact Det. Stoyell at and remain anonymous is desired.




  1. First of all why do you even care? Do you skate? Probably not. Second of all, you portray graffiti as this sort of domestic terrorist blight caused by elite level criminals. Really? theyre just bored teenagers. Its an art form, whether you like it or not. If you don’t, look away because its literally just paint. And for the argument of “oH iT LoWeRs PrOpErTy VaLuE” yeah it does, be glad u dont have to pay extra rent. There are way more serious crimes but you choose to emphasize your so called journalism (Its really just a gossip newspaper) on crimes that dont hurt anyone. Oh and remember…its just paint.

  2. ID is gonna be pretty easy – follow up may not be so easy.

    If I’m the judge, guilty is easy from the ID photos. Punishment is obvious to me – clean up your own graffiti and those from others with a small brush for about 1,000 hours. Maybe a speech to an assembly at school about how stupid they were to deface city property. Oh yea, and then a fine of $3,000 per kid for the parents.

    So, that’s just me. I’m certain the ID part will occur – let’s see what the real judge does.