Fayette schools down 763 students from pre-pandemic level


Student enrollment numbers for Fayette County’s public schools showed approximately 69 percent of students in classrooms during the first week of school, with the remaining 31 percent attending class virtually, and with that percentage breakdown varying widely at schools across the system. Attendance overall is down 763 students from last school year.

When it comes to those attending physically in the classroom (referred to these days as bricks and mortar) versus those attending virtually (online only), the numbers vary widely from school-to-school, according to an Aug. 21 report presented at the Aug. 24 meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education.

By way of example, Huddleston Elementary in Peachtree City had 379 students in the classroom and 149 students attending virtually.

Braelinn Elementary in Peachtree City had 451 students in bricks and mortar and only 68 virtual.

Minter Elementary south of Fayetteville had 504 students in classrooms and 234 attending virtually.

Spring Hill Elementary in Fayetteville had 303 students in bricks and mortar and 338 students virtually.

North Fayette Elementary had 228 students in the classroom and 320 attending virtually.

A sampling of middle schools showed Bennett’s Mill in Fayetteville with 451 students in the classroom and 524 attending virtually.

Booth Middle in Peachtree City had 840 in bricks and mortar and 291 attending virtually.

Flat Rock Middle in north Fayette had 406 in classrooms and 422 attending virtually.

Rising Starr Middle in south Fayette had 768 in bricks and mortar and 175 virtually.

A sampling of high schools in the report showed Fayette County High in Fayetteville with 768 students in bricks and mortar and 581 students attending virtually.

McIntosh High in Peachtree City had 1,501 students in classrooms and 224 attending virtually.

Sandy Creek in north Fayette had 748 students in classrooms and 456 virtually.

Whitewater High in south Fayette had 1,161 students in classrooms and 221 virtually.

For the full list of schools, visit  https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/SB_Meetings/ViewMeeting.aspx?S=4067&MID=87465 and click on the Enrollment Report.

Commenting on the enrollment report which showed a total of 19,839 students, Superintendent Jody Barrow noted that the numbers were down from last year. Though Barrow said he did not know the cause, he noted the possibility that more students were being homeschooled or attending private schools. Barrow added his belief that those students would return.

It should be noted that, in normal years, attendance tends to increase some after the first month of school.

Pertaining to the decrease mentioned by Barrow, a check of student enrollment numbers from January showed actual enrollment at 20,602 students.

Enrollment in Fayette schools hit a high in 2006-2007, with 22,367 students. The school system took a hit when the Great Recession came, and saw enrollment numbers decreasing for the next through the 2016-2017 school year when enrollment dropped to 20,058.

Enrollment inched up during the following years to the 20,602 students seen in January.

By way of comparison, student enrollment 20 years ago, in the 2000-2001 school year, was 19,832.