Fayette long-term care totals: 19 resident deaths, 12 residents recovered


The July 24 update from the Ga. Department of Community Health (DCH) on long-term care facilities in Fayette County experiencing Covid-19 cases showed two new cases of residents testing positive, one new case of staff testing positive and two new residents added to the list of those recovered.

The small number of new cases occurred at Heartis Fayetteville, while the new recoveries came at Heartis and Southland Health and Rehabilitation in Peachtree City.

DCH since the initial days of the pandemic has tracked facilities statewide with one or more cases among residents and staff and the number of resident deaths and recoveries.

The July 24 update showed seven Fayette County facilities with a total of 88 residents testing positive since the pandemic began, along with 19 resident deaths, 36 staff testing positive and 12 residents recovered.

Covid-19 again increased in long-term care facilities statewide, with the July 24 report showing the virus in 591 facilities, up from 582 on July 21. Of those, there were 9,145 residents testing positive, 1,542 resident deaths, 4,698 staff testing positive and 5,407 residents recovered.

As of July 24, and across all population demographics, Georgia has seen 161,401 confirmed Covid-19-positive cases and 3,442 deaths.

Statewide, resident deaths in long-term care facilities now accounts for approximately 44.8 percent of all confirmed deaths from Covid-19, down from 46.2 percent on July 21.

The DCH data pertaining to Fayette County for July 24 shows:

– Southland Health and Rehabilitation in Peachtree City has 104 residents, with 20 residents testing positive, three resident deaths, 10 staff testing positive and three residents recovered.

– Arbor Terrace in Peachtree City has 57 residents, with three residents testing positive, four staff testing positive and three residents recovered.

– Ashley Glen Senior Living and Memory Care in Peachtree City has 57 residents, with three residents and three staff testing positive, and two residents recovered.

– Condor Health Lafayette in Fayetteville has 107 residents, with 48 residents testing positive, 11 resident deaths and 11 staff testing positive.

– Gardens of Fayetteville has 29 residents, with four residents testing positive, two resident deaths and one resident recovered.

– Heartis Fayetteville has 93 residents, with 10 residents testing positive, three resident deaths, seven staff testing positive and three residents recovered.

– Hope Center Memory Care in Fayetteville has 62 residents, with one staff testing positive.



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