Consider other options for school re-opening


We are Fayette County parents of a senior at FCHS and a 7th grader at BMMS.

We just finished watching the FCBOE board meeting. We did note the overwhelming comments of parents and teachers about the desire of the students to not return to a Brick and Mortar School.

We signed up for Brick and Mortar for our children, however we know that this is not a true viable option. With the amount of Covid-19 cases in Georgia the risk is way too high.

We also understand that the virtual option may be a self-paced option with no asynchronous learning with a teacher.

Through discussion between my husband and myself, why is it not possible for the teachers to still attend their classrooms and teach their classes via Zoom or another platform and the students change teachers as they would on a regular day in a brick and mortar setting. This would allow the teachers to still teach their students, the students to get face-to-face teaching, all be it with a few tweaks.

We understand that there is still the question of cost to keep the schools open for the teachers and no students in attendance.

Another option that we considered would be for a couple of the schools be opened for the teachers, and the teachers all teach the same program and swap-out actual teaching the students from day to day. Where the students would have various teachers for the same subject and the teachers would still grade their base students submissions.

As example, open 2 high schools and all the math teachers split the students between the schools and each math teacher take a different day to teach all the students, and grade the students that are from their own school.

Just a couple different ideas to help get over this issue.

Elayna and Marty Allen

Fayette County, Ga.


  1. Can somebody show us the data that suggests that kids should not be in school? All studies to date from multiple countries around the world have shown no direct link between kids in school and local outbreaks. In fact, the majority clearly show the very opposite. And i’m certain that all must know by now that the COVID-19 death rate for people under 18 is less than influenza rates. Our children are more likey to die in an accident. When will sanity return?