History repeats itself: Trump follows in the footsteps of Hoover


If you go to History.com and look up Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States, you will see the opening paragraph describe President Hoover like this:

“As the Depression deepened, Hoover failed to recognize the severity of the situation or leverage the power of the federal government to squarely address it. A successful mining engineer before entering politics, the Iowa-born president was widely viewed as callous and insensitive toward the suffering of millions of desperate Americans.”

If you substitute Trump for Hoover, pandemic for depression, and real estate speculator for mining engineer, you have the opening paragraph of Mr. Trump’s entry into the history books.

While thousands of Americans die every month in this pandemic, Mr. Trump sits in the Oval Office endorsing Goya food products. Callous and insensitive are the words which described Mr. Hoover and that description very aptly fits Mr. Trump as well now.

Peter T. Pearse

Fayetteville, GA


  1. The glaring failures of both Hoover and Trump to deal with crises during their tenures in office will certainly highlight any biographical treatment and ranking of these presidents. They both deserve disdain for using the military to quash citizen protests, worsening the economy by raising tariffs and triggering allies to retaliate, and scapegoating immigrants for American job losses.

    However, their similarities end there. Hoover was an orphan who parlayed exceptional organizational skills into a fortune. Trump inherited millions from his father and has a very sketchy record as a businessman who doesn’t pay his creditors. Hoover entered public service whenever called upon and was very effective in administering food relief in Europe after World War I, assisting victims during the great Mississippi River Flood in 1927, and serving ably as the Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge. He was often called upon after his presidency to assist the public interests. Trump has served only personal interests all of his life. It has not remitted during his presidency, and it would be amazing to discover any change after he leaves office.

    Both Hoover and Trump faced crises that would tax any president. Hoover’s overwhelming trust in the market economy and distrust of public assistance delayed him from offering government aid in a timely fashion and sealed his fate. Trump’s failure to adopt any ideology except self-promotion has doomed his administration from the onset.

    My greatest hope is that they will share one more characteristic: being one term chief executives.

  2. On the other hand, if you substituted Obama for Hoover, community organizer for mining engineer you would have a good opening for Mr. Obama’s legacy. No need to substitute anything for depression because Obama had one of his own c. 2008.

    Or to be perfectly fair, the depression was created more by Valerie Jarrett than Obama since she was actually the first black President. And if you enjoyed those days and her leadership from the shadows, by all means vote for Biden. You will get a rerun of Valerie, Susan Rice and that clown that wrote Obamacare knowing it was a fraud and failure and mocked us openly about that.

    Clapper and Brennen would not only avoid jail under a President-in-name-only Biden, they would be in his Cabinet. And of course who wouldn’t want to see Supreme Court Justice Hillary Rodham nee Clinton. Biden really should openly name her in advance as that would play well with the pro-abortion crowd aka Pro-Choice (except for the baby). Hillary is such a fan of Pro-Choice she wanted to use it on her barely grown-up husband but couldn’t get the lawyers to clear it. As a Supreme, she can dream.

    Go ahead vote early, vote often and find a place to hide your valuables.

  3. A quote from President Lincoln: “ We can complain that a rose bush has thorns, or we can rejoice in the thorn bush for having roses.“ I recommend that you list all the positive the president has brought to this country rather than searching the Internet for the negative.