The Goya backlash: Trifecta political win for only $10


I have always been puzzled by why political campaigns for relatively mature and accomplished candidates hired 25-year-old inexperienced campaign managers who clearly knew nothing about real issues (Robbie Mook comes to mind) or why charities like Goodwill had to have a top-heavy staff with a $300,000 CEO when they had an unlimited supply of product that cost absolutely nothing to acquire.

I finally figured out the Robbie Mook syndrome when I realized he himself was a perfect example of the type of voter they were trying to influence. They have moved on and deserted us baby boomers in favor of the Millennials. I have yet to figure out the Goodwill puzzle.

Nevertheless, as promised in the headline, you and I can bypass campaign managers and fundraisers, avoid the bureaucracy of some charitable organizations and have subtle message about the power of prayer. Win — win — win all the way.

This was motivated by the boomerang effect against the organized and paid-for trolls who are few in number but certainly noisy and known as the cancel culture. The target this time was Goya Foods whose CEO, Robert Unanue, was at the White House announcing his company’s charitable giving when he uttered the fateful words: “We pray for our leadership, our president.”

Wow, that’s apparently worthy of an organized attempt to boycott their business which would hurt them financially (which also reduces their amount of charitable giving). Just in case you think the boycott could be laughed off as the foolishness that it was, a well-educated prominent political leader chimed in with her support.

29-year old bartender and Boston University honors graduate, New York Congress-creature Ocasio-Cortez supported the boycott and added her two-cents, no doubt relying upon that degree in Economics (really) from BU.

I didn’t actually hear what she said, because I immediately went to change my will to be sure that none of my money ever funded any grandkids’ tuition at Boston University.

The Goya boycott effort reminded me of the time that Dan Cathy, the Chick-fil-A CEO expressed his opinion: “To me a marriage is between a man and a woman,” which released the previous generation of trolls in a very aggressive boycott attempt against Chick-fil-A.

That failed when normal Americans showed their support of Dan Cathy’s words and gave Chick-fil-A its highest sales numbers ever. No word from Barack Obama even though he said exactly the same thing a few years earlier.

The Goya backlash boomerang was immediate. Different people in Virginia, I think, responded, one with a GoFundMe page and another with “Buy Goya, donate it to the food bank” movement. The second boomerang was a direct response to the genius who emptied his/her pantry of all Goya food and put it in the trash and posted a photo of the trash. More evidence that Robbie Mook knows his audience. Both boomerang efforts were successful beyond expectations and provided the inspiration for my suggestion.

The $10 trifecta is simply the same idea but made easy for those of us in Peachtree City. Here’s what you do:

Go to the grocery and buy $10 of Goya Food products above what you will consume yourself. I’m sure other stores carry their products, but for your convenience, Kedron Kroger has Goya on Aisle 3 and the Braelinn Kroger has it on Aisle 16.

Donate that food to the Mid West Food Bank on Parkade Drive, a well-run and efficient charitable organization.

Tell your friends and neighbors what you did.

This accomplishes 3 important things:

You will help Goya Food fly off the shelf and that will be covered by most honest media which by definition excludes NBC, MSNBC and CNN. You will notice canned Goya Food is priced at $1.19. The Kroger managers will quickly see the wisdom of offering those products as 10 for $10.

You will have made a charitable donation which will be appreciated by the recipients.

Politically you can view this as supporting Donald Trump for President, stating the power of prayer, or at least the right to pray freely and express your disdain for these childish trolls who think they can control what we buy.

It is even possible when faced with multiple boomerang events, the people funding these trolls and the cancel culture will see their efforts are counter-productive and stop.

Even if you don’t support Trump, you could still do this. After all, Michelle Obama invited Robert Unanue to speak at the White House; maybe Joe Biden was there too. Ask him if you see him.

Rick Schlosser

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I just dropped off 2 bags of Goya Foods at the MidWest Food Bank that I purchased earlier from Kroger.
    It was pretty clear that I was not the first one to do this. The staff was appreciative and thankful. I’m sure the recipients of this food will be as well. Felt pretty good to do this.

    Unfortunately when I got home I turned on the TV and saw some woman getting arrested for throwing paint on a Black Lives Matter “banner” which was actually a painted sidewalk in NY. Next story up – speculation about the gun-toting residents in St. Louis facing arrest for defending their house from a mob of “peaceful” demonstrators. Turning off the TV seemed prudent.

    So, here’s a quiz:
    What can an average law-abiding citizen like myself who is too old to riot in the streets do to express distaste for the current state of affairs in certain cities? Maybe to prevent it from happening here.

    A. Boycott any product that seems supportive of Trump because we all know his hateful speech about rioters and illegals and terrorists is racist. This means not only boycotting Goya and My Pillow, but also Lincoln or Cadillac – whichever car The Beast is, recreational golf, McDonald’s, red ties, Brooks Brothers suits.
    B. Donate baseball bats and other weapons to “peaceful” demonstrators so they can destroy statues, intimidate neighborhoods and cause economic harm so everybody is scared to vote.
    C. Using only social media, spread rumors about any politician that seems out of line with your own beliefs. Or, you simply earn $15 per hour by spreading the beliefs that the guy paying you has pre-written. With good performance you can be promoted to writer where you get to make stuff up for others to spread. You got to be creative and original – the Russian bath house story has already been used.
    D. In November vote for Trump, Purdue, Collins (or Loeffler, if you want), Ferguson and any locals who support the police, military and the country. But before then, investigate and donate to whoever is opposing nut cases like the mayor of St. Louis, Portland, AOC and any others like that. You don’t have to live there to donate as Jon Ossoff’s supporters have shown us – be sure to vote against him now and wherever he shows up next – Stacy Abrams, too.

  2. Why is it that conservatives in this town write signed letters and the leftist trolls who reply only do so under the cover of a psudonym (that means not your real name for all of our leftist neighbors)? Of coirse, CNN and MSNBC (and ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS) all regularly have professional idiots on who say the our president is a racist, therefore it must be true.

    Guess what, its no longer working. We are on to your game and when you say Trump hates people of latino heritage, we say GTH! At this point, with cities on fire stoked by a media that has been proven to be habitual liars, if you still believe them you either are clueless or are yourself a liar. Either way, TRUMP 2020!

    • I challenge anyone to squeeze a drop of rationality from this invective. As Truman Capote observed of Jack Kerouac, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • OK, I will accept STF’s challenge. Here are the rational points in ptcalf’s so-called invective.

        1. Real people who have honest motives and beliefs like Rick have no problem stating their thoughts and opinions openly.
        2. It is easy for those who want to detract and disagree to hide behind a screen name. BTW, my name is real unlike many on here.Of course I have been dead for over 30 years, so in a way I am protected from real-time retaliation.
        3. Liberal cable TV outlets keep repeating the “Trump is a racist” big lie as recommended by Saul Alinski.
        4. Trump does not hate Latinos – get over it and buy Goya!
        5. The big media lying is stoking the flames of burning cities. Does anybody remember the original reason for the protests that have led to rioting?
        6. Be best to vote for Trump in Nov.
        7. Moving ahead to Trump’s second term, the 10-year prison penalty for pulling down statues or inciting to riot or being a domestic terrorist will end this and pull the masks of George Soros and his minions.

        Hope that clears it up for you STF. Glad I could help you interpret ptcalf’s post. I understood it immediately, so it was easy for me to do that.

        • Thanks R.M., but you must have recognized the hyperbole in my post. I rarely agree with your ideology, but you are very clear in your presentations. That is very welcomed on this blog.

          • Thanks STF. Appreciate the thoughts.I do try to be clear and precise with my thoughts and opinions.

            I agree that if bloggers on here were more clear and less judgmental – like hurling slogans and talking points, life would be better and calmer for all of us.

            Stay engaged and be involved in solutions. I will.

      • Mr. Tucker – ptcalf is inviting detractors to eternal damnation. Odds are that he identifies with a faith that (supposedly) grants waivers from a fiery eternal abode, but apparently worshipping the orange god trumps (pun intended) any impulse to adhere to a Jewish carpenter’s admonitions.

        You really can’t make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • I’m signed in as Paul Lambert. You’re signed in as ‘ptcalf,’ so I’m not sure what case you’re trying to make here. To be fair, many people use pseudonyms, not because they are fake accounts but because they need to hide their identity from domestic abusers or prevent doxing. Those are both fair reasons to hide one’s identity.

      With that out of the way, Donald Trump is without a doubt the most openly racist president to hold office in over 50 years. What’s more, anyone who supports him is racist by default because his racist words and actions are not a disqualifying character flaw in their eyes. Trump’s racism dates back long before he ran for president, notably his full-page ad in the New York Times and 3 other New York papers calling for a reinstatement of the death penalty in response to the incorrect guilty verdict against the Central Park Five. Even when the Central Park Five were exonerated, Trump doubled down on his rhetoric. It continues with Trump not wanting Black employees on his casino floors in public view, making gross generalizations about Latinos, referring to asylum seekers as illegal immigrants (when asylum is a legal path to citizenship), etc. Suffice it to say, Trump is racist.

  3. This letter needs fact checking. The criticism of Unanue isn’t for praying to God, but rather for lauding President Trump. A manufacturer of food with a large Hispanic market compliments a leader who regularly criticizes this same market. It is clearly Mr. Unanue’s prerogative to give his money or praise to anyone he chooses. However, it may be unwise to go against his base.

    I have no dog in this fight, and whether you buy or boycott Goya Foods is your decision. However, Mr. Schlosser’s letter badly mischaracterizes the situation.

    • You all (except for Spyglass) have gotten distracted from the main point. of the letter.

      As I see it, supporting Goya in a public way tells the trolls who want to punish them to knock it off. We (normals) don’t want to be told what to do or who we can buy from and we sure don’t need some silly little cancel person to try and boycott a supporter of our president because they want some more power for their Democrat paymasters.

      I mean its bad enough that Nancy Pelosi is 2 heartbeats away from being President of the United States, but having Biden president and Warren, Abrams or Harris being 1 heartbeat away from being president should scare everybody with a love for our country.

      Do what the guy says. Buy Goya – donate what you want – tell your friends.

      And do everything else you can to get these cancel bigots out of our lives. They are silly, immature and dangerous. Might help if the corporate CEO’s grew a pair and told them to go away and not take their demands seriously.

      • I find your comments ironic considering conservatives use boycotts as their go-to strategy. In the past 5 or 6 years alone, conservatives have called for boycotts on:

        That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head…I’m sure I’m missing several.
        So, why is it when the Left boycotts something you’re (collectively) being told what to buy or not buy, but when the Right does it it’s a reasonable approach?

        • Goya boycott forgotten less than a month after the firestorm.

          That boycott amounted to nothing and the lesson learned is – ignore these children of the cancel culture. They may grow up (unlikely) or go away when Mom kicks them out of her basement (possible) or they may sign up for the BLM/Antifa demonstrators and get 10 years in federal prison for looting (most likely).Either way, ignoring them is the best option.

          Ignoring the new savior for the Dems, Kamala Harris, however is not a good plan. Pretty clear that she will do or say anything, adopt any position and pander and play off her race, childhood and gender to advance her goals. Politics are loaded with people like this – both Democrat and Republican, so no surprise here.

          The “news” will loaded with drama centering around maybe she or Michelle Obama will force Joe out at the convention or she will take over as President a couple of months into 2021 when Joe steps aside for health reasons. Neither will happen. What will happen is Biden/Harris will zoom to overwhelming victory in the popular vote in 3 states in the west that are currently dominated by riots and homeless people and 3 states in the east plus Minnesota for less than 100 electoral college votes and a landslide victory for Team Trump.

          The Dems know this and are using Biden as a token candidate while grooming Harris for 2024 where she will have 4 more years in the Senate sniping at Trump and outshining VP Pence who will choose not to run for President. Harris of course will run, win and be a strong 2-term President with an almost certain Democrat House and Senate. Millennials rule!

          That’s when the country goes down the tubes, not this time.