Locked or unlocked, thieves ravage 12 vehicles off Redwine Road


Twelve vehicles at 10 residences off Redwine Road were reported entered on June 23. The crimes occurred in subdivisions off Redwine, ranging from the area of Ebenezer Church Road to the north and Bernhard Road to the south.

Sheriff Barry Babb said a vehicle at a Horseshoe Circle residence had a rear passenger window smashed, though nothing was stolen.

Babb four vehicles were reported entered on Ralston Court, Whitehall Place and Youngs Court, all off Harp Road.

Three of the four vehicles were unlocked, while one had the rear driver’s side window smashed.

The vehicle with the window smashed had two handguns stolen. The unlocked vehicles had a wallet, two iPhones and a storage bag stolen, Babb noted.

Babb said a Farms Road residence had two unlocked vehicles entered. Items stolen from one of the vehicles included sun glasses, business cards, a flash drive and a bookbag containing personal items.

Further south off Redwine, an unlocked vehicle on Tarragon Drive was entered though nothing appeared to be taken, Babb said.

At the southern end of the area, near Bernhard Road and South Peachtree Parkway, two vehicles at a Inverness Shores Drive residence had windows busted in both and a book bag stolen from one of the vehicles, said Babb.

At a nearby Brown’s Crossing Drive residence, a vehicle’s rear passenger window was busted but nothing was stolen, Babb said.

Across Redwine near Bernhard Road, a vehicle at a Newhaven Drive home had the driver’s side window busted and a designer purse containing a large amount of cash stolen, said Babb.