Fayetteville wig store ticketed as non-essential, then OK‘d to stay open

042220_wigs on display in Shutterstock photo.
042220_wigs on display in Shutterstock photo.

A wig store in Fayetteville was cited April 16 after customers left the store with non-essential items. A check by the city with Ga. Department of Public Health (DPH) determined that the store is essential and is free to operate.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said an officer conducting routine patrols on April 16 observed Miky’s Beauty and Wigs at the Banks Station retail area on Ga. Highway 85 North open for business, with customers exiting after having purchased non-essential items.

The officer made contact with the business owner and reminded them that they were previously warned that they were violating the Governor’s Executive Order for closing non-essential businesses to the public. As a result, the officer issued the owner a citation for the violation, said Burdett.

Along with providing wigs and various beauty products, Burdett said the store also sells masks, hand sanitizer and gloves.

Burdett said the city contacted DPH for guidance on the matter to determine if Miky’s Beauty and Wigs is an essential business. The Department of Public Health determined they were appropriate to operate.

Therefore, the business was allowed to remain open, and the citation will be forwarded to Fayette County State Court to be disposed of by the solicitor, said Burdett.