Peachtree City Police K-9 Midas gets his own vest

Peachtree City Police Department’s K-9 Midas. Photo/Submitted.
Peachtree City Police Department’s K-9 Midas. Photo/Submitted.

The Georgia Police K9 Foundation has vested 58 Georgia Law Enforcement K9s. K9 Midas of the Peachtree City Police Department is the latest to receive a LOF Streetfighter Vest.

Peachtree City Police Department’s K9 Midas, a 6-year-old Belgium Malinois, serves and protects the citizens of Peachtree City for the mere payment of a reward toy and praise from his handler.

These working dogs enjoy family time and meeting people in the Peachtree City area. However, this K9’s all-time favorite activity is playing the game at work, whether it is finding drugs, tracking down bad guys, or locating missing children and/or adults.

What is unique about these K9 protective vests is they have a soft body armor specifically constructed to be lightweight. This helps protect our Law Enforcement K9s from becoming exhausted from heavier vests, which may cause overheating.

In Georgia, heat indexes can reach over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Keeping a K9s body temperature down is crucial while they are working to avoid heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

The fabric in the LOF Streetfighter vest helps regulate the K9’s body temperature keeping them comfortable and cool and are meant to be worn for entire shifts.

These vests are bullet resistant and shield the K9’s vital organs during any apprehension that may involve tracking and even, detaining a fleeing suspect before an officer can take full control.

Georgia Police K9 Foundation (GPK9F) is an All Volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit, which helps raise awareness within the state and the local communities of the contributions made by the Police K9s

Once a K9 has retired, the handler will adopt their K9 partner and best friend. In the absence of state or local retirement benefits for the K9s, GPK9F will help provide retirement support (food and medical care) for the retired law enforcement K9s, who have unconditionally served their communities for years.

To date, the Georgia Police K9 Foundation has provided 58 K9 Protection Vests, 17 Heat Alarms, 30 Narcan Kits, 15 First Aid Kits, 10 Retirement Plaques, 20+ Retired K9s have been assisted, and 100+ Training equipment, seminars, and trainings were supplied to numerous K9 teams across Georgia.

There are multiple avenues in joining the foundation’s mission. If you are interested in how you can help or make a tax-deductible donation, contact the organization through the website at Checks can be mailed to: Georgia Police K9 Foundation, 28 East Main Street, Statesboro, Georgia 30458.