Payne gets second bond on Clayton murder change

Hannah Payne. Photo/Clayton County Jail.
Hannah Payne. Photo/Clayton County Jail.

A Fayetteville woman charged with murder in May after fatally shooting a motorist in Clayton County has been granted bond for a second time.

Hannah Payne, 22, was granted a $320,000 bond on Sept. 27, with her attorney stating that she would not be a flight risk, according to numerous news sites.

Payne was charged with murder on May 8 after the gun she was carrying fired during an altercation with 62-year-old Kenneth Herring. Payne had followed Herring, who had reportedly left the scene of a hit and run accident in which he was involved, according to Clayton County Jail records.

Herring died after being transported to an area hospital, news reports said.

Bond was at $100,000 during a preliminary hearing that concluded there was probable cause to move forward with Payne’s prosecution, according to news reports.

Clayton County Police Maj. Anthony Thuman previously said Payne followed a pickup truck driven by Herring after he was involved in a hit and run with another vehicle.

The truck left the scene and Payne followed for approximately a mile to the intersection of Riverdale Road and Forest Parkway where she pulled her Jeep in front of Herring’s vehicle to prevent his movement, said Thuman.

It was also noted by Thuman that Payne, at some point, called 911 prior to the shooting. Thuman said it is customarily recommended that “people stay in their car and let officers responding handle the situation.”

Thuman noted that there was some type of altercation in which Payne, who is licensed to carry a weapon, left her vehicle and approached Herring. Thuman said it appeared that Payne was attempting to get Herring to return to the scene of the hit and run.

“All we are at liberty to discuss at this point is during the struggle, the weapon was discharged,” Thuman said at the time, adding that the investigation is ongoing but noting that there was sufficient evidence to charge Payne with murder.