Fayette County extends outdoor burn ban pending wetter weather


Fayette County has extended the outdoor burn ban and will be issuing no burn permits until weather conditions change. This area of Georgia is experiencing drought-like conditions, resulting in higher fire dangers.

Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services Lt. Brian Davis said no outdoor burning will be allowed until the Fayette County Fire Marshal’s Office determines that environmental conditions have sufficiently improved. The issuance of burn permits will be resumed once this determination has been made.

Fayette County is part of 54 Metro-Atlanta and surrounding counties that are subject to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) Open Burning Ban between May 1 and Sept. 30.

The current drought in Georgia has produced environments with a very high fire danger. These conditions negatively impact the ability of Fayette County residents to safely conduct outdoor burning activities. Therefore, the Fayette County Fire Marshal’s Office has concluded that it is necessary to postpone the issuance of outdoor burning permits while conditions remain unfavorable, said Davis.

Davis said during this extended burn ban, residents may use alternative methods for disposal of yard debris. Fayette County has a designated area at the waste transfer facility on First Manassas Mile for the dumping of debris. Residents may also contact the County Extension Office for information on other methods of disposal.

Residents should also note that the disposal of household garbage by burning is not allowed at any time during the year and this violation is strictly enforced.

Fayette County Fire Chief David Scarbrough said, “During these conditions, it is very important for all Fayette County residents to follow the burn ban rules and regulations for the health and safety of our citizens.”

For additional information about the outdoor burning ban, residents can contact Lt. Tony Koranda at akoranda@fayettecountyga.gov or 770-305-5283.