Pedestrian bridge across Hwy. 54 at hospital inches closer


The long wait for a pedestrian bridge over Ga. Highway 54 just west of Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville is inching closer to reality. Years in the making, and with the requirement to secure outside funding, the bridge and path construction project could go to bid in late 2020.

With Fayette County as a local sponsor, the Fayette County Commission on Sept. 26 approved a supplemental agreement with the Ga. Department of Transportation (DOT) for the Fayetteville pedestrian bridge and multi-use path project.

County staff said there is no cost to the county, reiterating that the local match will be provided by the city.

The project calls for a pedestrian bridge over Hwy. 54 west of the hospital and a 12-foot wide path that extends from the bridge and south of the highway to Lester Road. The path length will be 4,400 feet.

County staff said state construction funding will not be available until Fiscal Year 2021, adding that the city is expected to bid the project in the fall of 2020.

The process involved in bringing the project to fruition has been time consuming, given that the majority of the funding comes from sources outside the city and county. The original agreement with DOT came in June 2014.


  1. I wonder if the county could settle with them by supplying each one a new customized golf cart for their emergency transportation across the street ? I think that would be much less expensive than a bridge huh ?

    • Why, you ask? So that at least 2 prominent residents have walking access to the hospital as they ease into their golden years. Ex-politicos Jim Williams and Bob Gasko live in the retirement community across Hwy. 54 and if the traffic light or their car isn’t working – they need options to get medical care. If this bothers you, just pay attention to what the government on Martha’s Vineyard spends to accommodate the Obama’s in their new $15million beach home.

      Bob and Jim are very nice people. You should take notice of that and try being nice and classy. You might get your road paved or your subdivision entryway landscaped. Of course you already have a bridge from your subdivision to city hall (built before you were hatched) but no one actually wants you to use it to haunt city hall ever again.