Group seeks public’s help for monument for military families

Proposed front and rear view of the Homefront Families Monument. Rendering/Homefront Families of Military Heroes.
Proposed front and rear view of the Homefront Families Monument. Rendering/Homefront Families of Military Heroes.

It has been more than a year since Fayette County resident Fairy Wortham proposed establishing a monument for the families of military members of all wars in a local park. Today, the project is moving forward and is now asking for community support in bringing the non-profit project to life.

Wortham since presenting the concept to the Fayetteville City Council in February 2018 has worked with veterans groups and elected officials across the county to bring awareness of the need to honor the families who are left behind at home when a military family member is called into action to fight a war.

The desire to honor those remaining behind was the motivation that led to the founding of the non-profit Homefront Families of Military Heroes organization.

“No one has ever done anything like this, to honor the wives and families of all wars,” Wortham said when the idea was first presented. “The families at home suffer quietly.”

It’s about faith, family and freedom, Wortham continues to emphasize.

Wortham today explained that the organization’s mission is to “acknowledge the sacrifice of the families and children living in Fayette County, who since 1821 sent loved ones to serve this nation. They also served by enduring separation, hardship, loneliness and limited communication. Homefront Families wish to bring some healing, hope and most deserved recognition to our military families.”

The effort to locate the monument at Patriot Park on Redwine Road in Fayetteville is currently underway, pending a sign-off by the City Council on issues such as the final monument design and funding.

It is with the funding for the monument project that the community can be of assistance, Wortham said, adding that a facet of the project includes the ability to purchase a brick that includes the family’s name, and to be placed in the area surrounding the monument.

“We are seeking sponsors for the community’s monument. Everyone has someone in their family that has served this great nation past or present serving. This is an exceptional opportunity to honor your family,” said Wortham.

Whether individuals, companies or organizations, those wanting to support the non-profit Homefront Families of Military Heroes monument project can do so by visiting

For more information contact Fairy Wortham at 770-731-2678 or at

Homefront Families offers a range of services benefitting the families of military members.


  1. I would like to hear from the public if they can tell what the artwork in the middle of the monument is and what it stands for. That image is one of several issues the City Council has with this monument. We all wholeheartedly believe in honoring the families of vets, but question some choices made as to what should be on the monument.

    Kathaleen Brewer, City of Fayetteville Council, Post 2