Dogwood Trail to close for 6 months for pipe repairs

Have your say about plans for 4 other roads July 15 —
Dogwood Trail will be closed to all through traffic between Ga. Highway 74 and Tyrone Road beginning on Monday, July 8.
Fayette County and the Town of Tyrone will replace stormwater pipes on Dogwood Trail over Flat Creek and a nearby tributary.
To lessen inconvenience to surrounding residents, these two construction projects will take place simultaneously and road detours will be coordinated between the two jurisdictions.
The road is scheduled to reopen by December 2019, weather permitting, after construction is complete.
During this time all residents will have access to their homes off of Dogwood Trail via the road detour route provided in the map above.

Fayette seeking public input about plans for 4 roadways

Fayette County on July 15 will hold a public information open house to discuss transportation improvement draft concepts for the Sandy Creek Road, Tyrone Road-Palmetto Road, Banks Road and Ga. Highway 279 corridors.
The open house will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Fayette County Public Library, located at 1821 Heritage Park Way in Fayetteville.
“Corridor studies of this nature help Fayette County plan for and construct the appropriate types of improvements to support the varied travel needs of our citizens and business owners. The more public input we receive the better job we can do in providing the desired transportation system,” said Fayette County Public Works Director Phil Mallon.
With continued growth in the region, Fayette County had initiated the process to identify current and future concerns for providing safe and efficient movement along these corridors, said County Clerk Tameca White.
Prior input received from stakeholders and the public were used to develop draft concepts to facilitate transportation improvements that address existing and projected conditions with the goal of enhancing safety; reducing congestion and delay; facilitating multi-modal usage; and supporting economic development.
White said the open house will be informal and everyone is invited to stop by anytime between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., with plenty of parking available at the Fayette County Public Library.
Draft concepts displayed at the meeting, as well as a survey for each corridor, will be posted on the Fayette County Transportation Planning Webpage ( In addition, comment forms will be available at the meeting and online.
For additional information contact Phil Mallon, Fayette County Public Works 770-320- 6010 or Dan Dobry, Croy Engineering (consultant), 770-971-5401.


  1. The county’s planning has been nothing less than off-putting. When the subdivision on Dogwood Trail was approved, there should have been infrastructure (e.g., utilities, road needs, and the pipes now underway) before [italics and bold] the construction began. Why was that not considered? Do we have no one in the county government with either a degree or experience in planning and forward thinking? Thanks, Mr. Nelms, for your articles.