Fayette Senior Services celebrates Eliza Spicer’s 100th birthday

Eliza Spicer celebrates her 100th birthday with the help of a famous cow. Photo/Submitted.
Eliza Spicer celebrates her 100th birthday with the help of a famous cow. Photo/Submitted.

Fayette Senior Service’s, Inc. (FSS), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, recently celebrated the 100th birthday of one of their members, Eliza Spicer.

Many of the groups and members at FSS gathered together to spread joy and love for a monumental birthday celebration over several days. Eliza was celebrated by many of the groups she participates with — including the STARs congregate program, the aerobics class she still exercises in two days a week, her line dance class, in addition to just around the center by so many who cherish her!

Full of cake, presents, hugs, songs, and even a Chick-fil-A Cow, the glow from Eliza’s face the entire time was priceless as her excitement beamed off her for everyone to enjoy.

When asked her secret to living so long and what keeps her active, engaged, and so healthy, she shared, “I exercise daily, eat right and stay moving. This was the best birthday ever!”

The FSS team is  delighted they could help make her celebration so special and glad they can provide a center for her to stay engaged in all areas of her life.

“How exciting it is that we got to share and celebrate a members 100th birthday with her at the center,” Iris Harris, STARS Coordinator, said. “It isn’t very often that you have an active, sharp, and energetic 100-year-old excited to bring her enthusiasm and secrets to the rest of us. Each day, Eliza exhibits living and aging so well. Her stamina and zest for life continues to amaze all of us!”


When Fayette Senior Services first began decades ago, one of the main focuses was the STARs Congregate program. This program provides a social, emotional, and physical outlet for aging adults,  focused on reducing food insecurity, promoting socialization, and increasing the health and well-being of aging individuals.

Since those days 40 years ago, the program has grown exponentially. It has become so much more than a place to spend your morning for something to do, it has flourished into an image of family, the FSS team says. Step into the room and you’ll be filled with joy so quickly you’ll hardly believe it. You’ll experience warm welcomes, witness glowing smiles, and enjoy watching a group that truly cares about each other.

Access to services like this help to delay the onset of adverse health conditions that result from poor nutrition or sedentary behavior. For seniors who meet the criteria to participate in this irreplaceable program, it truly makes a world of difference for them.

For more information about this program, please contact the coordinator and FSS Case Manager Iris Harris at iharris@fayss.org or 770-461-0813.