Heritage Park Way on county agenda

Brian Wismer
Brian Wismer

The Fayette County Commission on May 9 will again take up the proposal from Fayetteville to extend Heritage Park Way to serve as a connector street to the upcoming, multi-acre city park area.

The proposal to extend Heritage Park Way a short distance to the west from where it currently ends at the Fayette County Library and to extend it so that the street connects with the planned city park area was first proposed to commissioners on March 28.

The idea was to have Heritage Park Way connect, likely by a roundabout, to a new street running parallel to the upcoming city park space area that will be to the rear of the new City Hall building to be situated on Stonewall Avenue, where the old school system building is located.

The idea of establishing a grid street system through the City Hall and park space property to provide multiple entry and exit points led to a presentation by Fayetteville Downtown Development Director Brian Wismer at the March 28 meeting to discuss the concept of the city and county entering into an intergovernmental agreement that would have the city using a 24-foot strip, running north to south, on the west side of the library’s parking lot to help establish one of those connector streets.

That connector street on the east side of the new city park property would intersect with Heritage Park Way, which runs between the library and county complex in downtown Fayetteville.

Beyond serving as a needed connector street, Wismer said having the street positioned as proposed would help preserve the old barn structure that otherwise might be compromised if the positioning of the new street was too tight.

Though the idea initially was met with some hesitancy by some on the board on March 28, the item will be back before commissioners on May 9.