Cops searching for medical office burglars


Fayetteville police are looking for these two people who used a credit card stolen from a Fayetteville medical office to make purchases in Lithonia. Photo/Fayetteville Police Department.

Burglaries at three medical offices adjacent to the Togwatee retail area on Ga. Highway 54 West in Fayetteville had suspects turning up in Lithonia on March 16 using one of the stolen credit cards to make purchases.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Jeff Harris said suspects entered the medical office building located at 1260 Hwy. 54 West by prying a door to gain access to the building. A total of three offices were entered using a screwdriver or pry bar, Harris said.

Nine credit cards used by one of the medical businesses was stolen from one of the offices, Harris said, adding that a second office had cash stolen while the third office had a file cabinet damaged and a key stolen.

Harris said that on March 16, two subjects used a stolen credit card at Marshalls and other business locations in Lithonia.

“They used them to make large purchases of miscellaneous items,” Harris said. “The card was one of many taken during a burglary of multiple medical facilities in Fayetteville.”

Anyone with information pertaining to this crime or recognizing the people in the photo is asked to contact Det. Moore at the Fayetteville Police Department at 770-719-4224.


  1. Credit Card Number. My last one was stolen at Frankfurt Airport a couple of years ago. A low life scum at a Starbucks coffee shop had a card skimmer. The “ahole” later went over to Terminal 2 and bought 30 euros worth of hamburgers from Burger King. (Go figure) I got the email alert when as I was boarding my flight back ATL. I put a stop to that transaction. You got to be careful.