Final vote coming for 145-home south Fayetteville subdivision

Fayetteville City Council at the March 13 meeting. Photo/Ben Nelms.
Fayetteville City Council at the March 13 meeting. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Fayetteville to set mixed drink entertainment districts — 

Fayette Ventures will be back before the Fayetteville City Council on March 21 for a second reading and potential vote on a proposal to establish a single-family subdivision in south Fayetteville. The council will also consider having portions of the downtown area and all of Pinewood Forest designated for outdoor alcohol consumption.

The Fayette Ventures proposal deals with establishing a single-family subdivision with 145 homes with an 1,800 sq. ft. minimum on 67 acres bordered by Ga. Highway 92 and the Ga. Highway 92 Connector on the city’s south side.

Developer Bob Rolader, whose family has owned a portion of the property for nearly 50 years, said at the first reading on Feb. 7 the 67-acre property will carry a density of 2.17 units per acre. The subdivision will include an amenity center, 13.8 acres of greenspace, lake access and sidewalks.

Also at the meeting, the council will conduct the second reading and likely vote on an amendment to designate downtown Fayetteville and Pinewood Forest as areas where alcohol can be consumed outdoors.

City staff in a Feb. 27 letter asked for a policy direction from mayor and council in order to create an Entertainment District in a portion of the Downtown Main Street District, and at the mixed-use development Pinewood Forest located along Veterans Parkway on the city’s on the west side.

Noting that the council would need to establish the entertainment district boundaries, staff recommended a north/south boundary from Lafayette Avenue and North Glynn Street to Fisher Avenue and South Glynn Street, and an east/west boundary from Lee Street and Lanier Avenue East to Grady Avenue be reviewed for the Main Street area.

Based on a request from Pinewood Forest, staff also recommended the entire 237-acre Pinewood Forest mixed-use development be included in the Pinewood Forest Entertainment District.

“Entertainment districts are created using the city zoning map to identify designated areas of the city which allow the public to possess and consume alcoholic beverages outdoors. The alcoholic beverages must be purchased from a licensed establishment located within the designated entertainment district, and the alcoholic beverage must be poured into a city approved-container (usually a marked plastic cup) provided by the licensed establishment,” staff said.