Send Aberdeen plan back to developers


Dear planning commissioners, thank you for serving as volunteers for the betterment of our community.

My note is prompted by the March 6 article in The Citizen newspaper concerning the proposed Aberdeen Village redevelopment project. My reaction mirrors the newspaper headline of a “cool reception” to the project; however, extremely disappointed would be more appropriate.

I initially read about the proposed redevelopment of “both” sides of Ga. Highway 54 and was excited to hear about the potential planning for a true “downtown area.” Finally a “City Center” in Peachtree City!

My expectation is that the project would be a mixed-use, family-friendly walkable City Center with several restaurants, shops, condos above businesses, etc.

However, the reality is that the proposal is effectively an “end run” around permission to saturate  the area with more apartments.

What happened to the vision of a mini Avalon (see the city of Alpharetta) as opposed to the myopic proposal to slap up multi-story apartments and give a face lift to Partners and Y-Knot? Not good enough!

This proposal needs to be sent back to the developers and designers with a recommendation for a complete redo.

Joe Woods
Peachtree City, Ga.