Parking deck next to Piedmont Fayette Hospital is long overdue


As per the recent article on Piedmont Fayette expanding with the addition of a 5-story wing:

Piedmont, build a 5-level parking deck with it at the same time. No if’s or but’s. It is time. It is PAST time.

That parking at Piedmont-Fayette is and has been a challenge for years is an understatement. More lots to walk from, further and further away is NOT the answer.

Golf cart shuttles are NOT the answer. In the 20 years I’ve lived in Fayette County, I have never, even once, been able to catch one of those carts.

They don’t even operate in cold, freezing, rainy, inclement weather so much of the time. Often, they are already full, but usually by the time you would wait for one you are either too frozen, too hot, too wet, or too windblown. You simply give up on something that may or may not even come by.

It is ridiculous that a hospital this size hasn’t already decked the existing parking lot or built a multi-story parking garage adjacent to the hospital.

A. Tarpley
Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Parking at Piedmont Fayette
    Several comments about A.Tarpley’s opinion about parking and especially the Courtesy Carts. The carts do provide transportation to and from the hospital five days a week, from 8:00AM until 5:00PM. We do operate in cold, freezing, rainy weather. If it is below 20 degrees, we have a Cold Weather Team that drives. We normally have 3 carts in the morning and 2 in the afternoon cruising the parking lots. Don’t really see how you have not been able use the services for 20 years. In the future when you visit, call: 770:719-6726 ; give your location (row number) color & make of car. The desk will contact the cart drivers via radio and we will pick you up and transport you to your destination. Very simple process!! Remember: a new parking deck may cost 20 to 25 million dollars and who will pay? Those who park their cars there.Give us a try. L.Barge, Courtesy Cart Coordinator, PFHA