Peachtree City’s longest serving employee to retire this month

Battalion Chief Ron Mundy. Photo/Peachtree City.
Battalion Chief Ron Mundy. Photo/Peachtree City.

Peachtree City Fire Training Officer and Battalion Chief Ron Mundy is retiring after 36 years with the Peachtree City Fire and Rescue. He is the city’s longest-serving employee.

Peachtree City Clerk Betsy Tyler said Mundy is retiring at the end of January with the well-earned distinction as the city’s longest-serving employee.

A native of Gary, Indiana, Mundy was drawn to Peachtree City after a visit to family who lived south of Atlanta in the early 1980s.

Finding the climate and the people to his liking, Mundy followed suit and relocated to the area. In 1983, he signed up as a volunteer for the Peachtree City Fire and Rescue Department. Shortly afterwards, he segued into a full time role and the rest, as the saying goes, is history, said Tyler.

“During his tenure, he’s seen great changes in our community. When he began, the department had three full-time employees. Now it employs more than 60,” Tyler said.

Tyler said Mundy’s primary job is one of the most pivotal parts of fire and rescue: training.

“During his tenure, Mundy has trained hundreds of firefighters. Some of those are still with the city, others have moved to other municipalities where they still use the knowledge that he gave them,” Tyler explained.

Providing his take on training, Mundy said, “You can never train enough for a job that can kill you.”

Tyler said Mundy plans to stay busy during retirement. He and his wife, Joy, have several cruises planned for the year. In addition to traveling, he also has small businesses he owns and plans to keep running.

However, even with the plans, he knows it will be hard to leave his brothers and sisters he has served with.

“I love the camaraderie. It’s truly a family,” he said. “When you’re living and working here, you’re no longer the chief. You’re part of a family.”