Stover has his say on media broadcast



Rep. David Stover. File photo

A recent broadcast from an Atlanta television station questioned if Rep. David Stover (District 71, Coweta County) still lives in the United States. Stover responded to The Citizen, confirming that he is currently visiting in Great Britain and will be present for the upcoming session of the General Assembly to represent his district.

The broadcast noted that Stover is “difficult to get ahold of” and centered on a number of issues pertaining to Stover, such as his place of residence and his voting records.

Given that Stover represents residents in northeast Peachtree City, along with a portion of Coweta County, The Citizen on Dec. 6 left a voicemail on Stover’s phone. Stover called back within 10 minutes.

Critical to any representative is the place of residence. Stover maintained that his residence is on Ridley Road off Tommy Lee Cook Road in northeast Coweta County.

Stover, who was recently married to a woman living in Great Britain, said during the call that he is currently in Great Britain where the couple is working on living arrangements for his wife’s children.

The bottom line, said Stover, is that he will serve the constituents of District 71 in the General Assembly in January and will do so for the duration of his new term in office.

Stover on his Facebook page, Vote Stover, issued a lengthy response to the article and its claims.

“On December 5th, 11 Alive news ran a hit piece aimed at me. I was not able to respond to 11 Alive in time for them to meet their deadline, so they ran the piece without comment from me. Therefore and I would like to take an opportunity to respond to it point by point,” Stover said on the Facebook post.

“(The television reporter) goes on to state that my official district address listed on the House of Representatives biography page is a UPS Store. Using a post office box is a common practice and I, as many Representatives do, list a mail drop or P.O. box as the district address. She then stated that the people in the UPS Store have not seen me for months. I am not the only person that has access to the mailbox. I have someone that assists me and picks up my mail on a regular basis so it would be natural for the UPS Store representative to not see me on a regular basis,” Stover said in the Facebook post.

Responding to a portion of the report dealing with his residence, Stover said, “The reporter then states she was hoping to find me by knocking on my door in Newnan to see if I was home. She states the house is vacant, locked up and for sale. The house that 11Alive visited was to be my family home, but I did not move into the house and I have never listed as my home address as I decided to sell the house onwards. My home address and residence remain the same as it has been since July 2017 and is listed on my registration to run for the seat with the Republican Party and was listed during the qualification period on the Secretary of State’s website. This is public record and was not checked by the reporter.”