Tyrone Police Chief Brandon Perkins has switched jobs after nearly 20 years with the police department. Perkins has been hired as Tyrone’s town manager.

Perkins by unanimous vote was recently named to the town manager position after the resignation of Jonathan Lynn. Perkins served as both police chief and interim town manager for nearly a year in 2011-2012.

Above, former Tyrone Police Chief and new Town Manager Brandon Perkins (center) was joined by wife, Amy, and son, Cooper, at the Nov. 15 meeting of the Town Town Council. They are accompanied by members of the Tyrone Police Department. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Though no stranger to the duties and responsibilities of the position, Perkins after the Nov. 15 Town Council meeting spoke about leaving the department and assuming full-time duties as Tyrone’s top administrative officer.

“I love law enforcement. And over the past several years I started feeling that I was being led to accept a different challenge,” said Perkins. “My first stint as interim town manager planted a seed that led me to believe this might be the next step. I will give the same level of care and energy as I gave to the police department and I’ll be just as progressive.”

Reflecting on some of the department’s accomplishments during his time as chief, Perkins said the department received certification from the police chief’s association, lowered crime, improved its public image and built a great team in the department.

Commenting on the recent vote to hire Perkins for the position, Mayor Eric Dial said since the time that Perkins served as interim town manager, he had graduated with a master’s degree in human resources, gained additional leadership experience and has expanded his ongoing knowledge of town departments.

“It was a no-brainer,” said Dial, emphasizing Perkins’ knowledge and familiarity with other department heads. “They all know each other, and we wanted him as town manager.”

Addressing the wealth of officers at the council meeting, Perkins with obvious emotion said, “(Law enforcement) has been a big part of me for a long time.” Perkins came to the Tyrone Police Department in 1999 and was hired as chief in September 2007.

The council Nov. 15 appointed Lt. Eric DeLoose as interim chief.