Great Pumpkin Festival bubbles over with fun


The large crowd of families attending the Great Pumpkin Festival in downtown Fayetteville on Oct. 27 filled the grounds of the old courthouse and Fayetteville First United Methodist Church. Among the endless activities were inflatables for the kids, a costume contest, displays of pumpkins created by local school students, a Trick or Treat Village, plenty of vendors — and bubbles to catch in midair.

Below, up a tree for Halloween

Emma Anderson, age 9, takes in the sights at the Great Pumpkin Festival in Fayetteville from a perch in one of the trees on the old courthouse grounds. Photos/Ben Nelms.

Below, 6-month-old Fayetteville resident Everly Anderson and mom Jamie were among those attending the festival.

Below, kids of all ages enjoyed surveying the creative artistry of students from around Fayette County who supplied pumpkins that lined the sidewalks at the Pumpkin Festival. All photos/Ben Nelms.