Pistol pointer in Superman shirt scares Whitewater drama students


Altercation peaked in Waffle House parking lot

Fayetteville police are looking for a man who allegedly pointed a gun at a group of Whitewater High School students on Oct. 13 in the Waffle House parking lot on Ga. Highway 85 South before driving away.

Officers got a call to the all-night restaurant at 11:30 p.m. Saturday where the drama team from Whitewater High School had been eating, Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Jeff Harris said.

Harris said officers were told that a man and woman were eating dinner in a corner of the restaurant. The students said the man was wearing a red and blue Superman T-shirt, a hat and black jeans.

At one point, Harris said a drama team member reportedly got into a verbal altercation with the man allegedly due to the members of the drama team being loud. At some later point, the student involved in the verbal altercation left the restaurant, Harris added.

It was when the members of the drama team and the man and woman were all simultaneously leaving that another altercation occurred, Harris said.

Harris said it was reported that the man pushed one of the female team members, then went to his truck, described as a white Tundra or Avalanche. While backing out of the parking space the man allegedly pointed a gun at members of the drama team. Harris said the type of gun pointed at the students is currently unknown.

Officers were told that the man left the parking lot, heading south on Hwy. 85, said Harris.

Harris said investigators are in process of getting copies of the restaurant’s video and are continuing the investigation.


  1. I was there with my daughter. She is one of those Drama students that were traumatized. These kids were not being disrespectful at all to this man. Most of the kids he pulled the gun on were girls. He is the adult and instead of acting like an adult, he acted like a child having a temper tantrum because he could not get his way. There were a lot of restaurants in Fayetteville still open and he could have just gotten up without incident and gone to another restaurant but he did not. Yes, the WHS Drama kids took over most of Waffle House and yes, there were only 2 waitresses and 1 cook to all these customers which increased the employees stress level and yes the kids were being loud because they were celebrating and having fun. The staff was great through it all. This man was rude to the waitress and the WHS kids. I really hope he is arrested soon, there was no excuse to pull a gun and point it at anyone much less a group of children and the Waffle House employees. He needs some SERIOUS anger management classes.