It is estimated that at least 1 in 200 children suffer from PANS/PANDAS (Cited from the PANDAS Consortium). There are few providers in the Southeast that can diagnose and treat these conditions and many of those do not take insurance.  That, combined with the fact that most insurance companies in our state exclude PANS/PANDAS from their policies and deny coverage despite the pleas by the physicians, leaves the cost of treatment far beyond the reach of many families.

Above, Lucy and Will Ward show off a T-shirt for event participants. Photo/Submitted.

The Southeastern PANS/PANDAS Association (SEPPA) is holding their 2018 PANS Awareness Walk in Peachtree City Oct. 6.  One purpose of the upcoming walk is to unite families across the Southeast that are dealing with PANS/PANDAS to share each other’s experiences and offer one another support. 

The second, and more pressing reason for the walk, is to raise funds so that SEPPA can continue their mission: working for children and families with PANS/PANDAS to expand access to timely, appropriate, insurance-based medical care in our region.  SEPPA has plans to exhibit at all of the American Academy of Pediatrics conferences across the Southeast including the National Conference in November where over 15,000 physicians will be in attendance. Through these conferences, we will be able to put information about diagnosis, treatment, and research into the hands of thousands of doctors across both the Southeast region and the entire nation. The fundraising goal set for SEPPA’s 2018 Walk is $50,000, and with the generous donations received so far, SEPPA is almost half way to their goal.  SEPPA is asking the public to help them reach their goal by donating at

The event is at Lake McIntosh Park in Peachtree City.  Families can arrive at 9:30am and the walk will begin at 11 a.m.  There will be inflatables for the kids and a time to meet other PANS/PANDAS families from across the Southeast. There is no charge to participate in the walk or the activities of the day.  For families affected by PANS or PANDAS that would like to participate in the walk, they can register at or at the park on Oct 6.