Property values increase nearly 5% over 2017

Fayette County gross tax digest figures for 2018 show properties countywide valued at $6.205 billion. All areas showed increases in value, with residential properties again accounting for the large majority of the county’s worth.

Countywide, the 2018 tax digest showed Fayette County with a real property and personal property total of $6.205 billion, a 4.95 percent increase of the $5.912 billion value of all property in 2017.

A breakdown of countywide values by category showed residential properties at $2.02 billion, agricultural at $96.02 billion, commercial at $955.3 million and industrial valued at $426.46 million.

In terms of real property in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone and the unincorporated areas, all saw increases in value.

Real property in Peachtree City rose 4.27 percent, from a 2017 total of $2.317 billion to $2.416 billion in 2018.

The breakdown by category in Peachtree City showed residential properties valued at $1.628 billion, commercial at $390.7 million, industrial at $343.9 million and agricultural at $333,480.

Fayetteville saw the 2017 total of $929.2 million increase by 3.59 percent to $962.61 million in 2018.

Values for residential properties in Fayetteville in 2018 totaled $519.4 million, while commercial values were $392 million, industrial values were $22.51 million and agricultural that totaled $3.98 million.

The increase in Tyrone showed real property in 2017 valued at $411 million compared to a 2018 value of $425.8 million. Figures for 2018 represent a 3.64 percent increase.

Property values in Tyrone by category had residential tallied at $315 million, commercial valued at $57.8 million, industrial at $36.185 million and agricultural at $2.92 million.

And in the unincorporated areas, the 2017 value of real property was $2.225 billion while in 2018 values had increased to $2.368 billion, an increase of 6.39 percent.

Unincorporated properties showed a breakdown totaling $2.02 billion in residential values, $113.56 million in commercial, $83.674 million in agricultural and $23.765 million in industrial.