Coming soon: Screenwriting, film production classes for Fayette high school seniors


Proposed academic courses within the Fayette County School System could help students get a foothold in Georgia’s growing film industry.

Fayette County Board of Education members at the April 9 work session heard from school system staff and Georgia Film Academy (GFA) representatives on upcoming plans to help students gain entry into the film and television industry, where Georgia is now ranked No. 3 in the nation behind California and New York, and where Georgia ranked No. 1 in the nation in 2017 for the most feature film productions.

The film television industry statewide had a $9.6 billion economic impact in 2017. Those numbers are expected to continue to grow with the continuation of state tax credits. Additionally, GFA staff said post-production will be coming to Georgia, providing the potential for even more industry jobs.

A proposed Georgia Department of Education course description for High School Dramatic Writing (for Film, Television and Theatre 1) could provide a more rigorous level of writing and could be taken as an option for seniors in the English Language Arts area if it gains state approval.

A second potential offering, again in the senior year, would be courses through GFA and held at the Center of Innovation on Hood Avenue.

The courses would be part of the Audio Visual, Technology and Film Pathway. The courses would expose students to advanced camera techniques, audio production, scriptwriting, producing, directing and editing.

“We are excited about the opportunity this will bring to our young people,” said Superintendent Jody Barrow.