Drunk driving golf cart simulator coming to Peachtree City

Drunk driving golf cart simulator coming to Peachtree City

The Peachtree City Police Department is the recipient of a $22,000 federal grant that will be used to purchase a cart called SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience Vehicle) for a new motorized cart safety course.

Above, this new grant-funded go-cart will be used by the Peachtree City Police Department for a new motorized cart safety course. Photo/Peachtree City Police Department.

Department spokesperson Odilia Bergh said the $21,981 grant in federal funds was provided through the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

“The grant money was primarily awarded to facilitate teen driver education in Peachtree City,” said Bergh. “The funding was approved to be used to purchase some impairment education tools, a distracted driving education tool and a vehicle called SIDNE. The vehicle came with an enclosed trailer, extra batteries and other items needed to set up a driving course.”

Bergh explained that SIDNE is a remote-controlled electric go-cart that simulates the effects of impaired or distracted driving.

“The police department will start by incorporating this device in a new motorized cart safety course and will, hopefully, eventually incorporate it’s use in other educational platforms such as local schools,” said Bergh.

Innocorp Ltd., the maker of SIDNE, trained six officers on Jan. 31 on how to utilize the SIDNE cart, Bergh said, adding thanks to the Sany Corporation for providing the warehouse space needed for the course.

“We are excited about this new tool, which we feel will be a great asset in helping to continue our mission of creating safer driving atmospheres on our cart paths and roadways,” said Bergh.

Those with questions concerning this or any other of the department’s traffic safety programs can contact any member of the Community Response Team at 770-487-8866 or traffic@peachtree-city.org.

Those with traffic-related concerns, questions or complaints can call 770-487-8866 or report it on line at http://www.peachtree-city.org/traffic.