Peachtree City to rent space for quick response southside fire, EMS station

Peachtree City to rent space for quick response southside fire, EMS station

A proposal to open a Southside Quick Response fire and EMS station at 825 Ga. Highway 74 South in Peachtree City received unanimous approval on Jan. 1 by the City Council.

Pictured, from left, are City Manager Jon Rorie, Councilman Mike King, Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and council members Terry Ernst, Kevin Madden and Phil Prebor. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Fire Chief Joe O’Conor in a Jan. 12 letter said a small station is needed to provide quicker response times to currently underserved areas of the city’s south side.

Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Baggett at the meeting said the city continues to see an uptick in the number of calls, primarily EMS calls.

“By seeking a rental agreement to establish a Fire/EMS presence in this area, quicker response times are achievable for the least possible cost,” O’Conor said in the letter. “The selected location and anticipated construction necessary for this application with on-going rental cost creates a station suitable for two personnel in short order, utilizing existing staff and apparatus. The department intends to seek a federal grant to offset the cost of hiring budgeted personnel associated with the future MacDuff station early to allow for more consistent staffing of the new Quick Response Station.”

Baggett said the property at 825 Hwy. 74 South, across from the city’a athletic complex, would run $50,000 to build out a 2,205 sq. ft. space in the existing building. That cost will be paid with available impact fees.

Baggett said the quick response station would house a unit with advanced life support capability.

The rent will be $1,500 per month based on a 5-year lease. Along with utility costs, that sum will require a future budget transfer from cash reserves, Baggett said.